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QuickLoans – Stylish WordPress Theme for Loan Companies

Meet QuickLoans, a WordPress theme with a flat design built for loan companies, financial agencies, and businesses who provide tax assistance and financial advice for their clients.

The design of QuickLoans introduces freshness into the world of numbers and statistics, making your business more approachable and friendly towards prospecting customers. Let’s see what makes this theme such a great choice for your business.



Showcasing the main areas of your expertise and letting your clients know how you can solve their problems is one of the most important goals of a website. Fortunately, with QuickLoans you get a broad range of available service layouts, which you can combine and output in different parts of your website.



One of the proven ways to build trust towards your company is to show what other people are saying about you. The feedback from your clients can be a game changer for many of your prospective customers, so why not share it on your website? The theme includes the testimonials custom post type, which allows you to easily create and output testimonials from your clients in different styles and forms.

Team Members

Team Members.png

Team is yet another custom post type essential to displaying information about your business. Each team item can include such information as name, description, position, email address, and social media icons. Using the team shortcode, you can display the team member section in any part of your page, using several layout options.

Mobile App Section

Mobile App Section.png

In case you’ve got a mobile app you want to promote, the theme provides you with a pre-built section where you can place the image of your app, and links from where it can be downloaded.

Easy Demo Import

If you want your website to look exactly as, on the theme demo, QuickLoans provides you with an easy tool for importing the demo content. You can either import partial data, such as theme settings and individual pages or duplicate all data and make your site an exact copy of the demo version.

Loan Calculator


QuickLoans includes a ready-made section with a loan calculator that lets your customers determine the sum of the loan, the interest they need to pay, and the sum that should be paid in total. Customize this section to include your own parameters, and adjust it as you see fit.

Multiple Blog Layouts


QuickLoans features a wide variety of blog styles and layouts such as chess, portfolio and classic. Each style, in its turn, comes with several variations regarding the number of post columns.

Thanks to flexible theme settings, you can manage the style of pagination, the sidebar position, post-animation, various types of post metadata, the length of the excerpt, and more. Make modification in the Live Customizer, and see all the changes in real time. The theme also supports multiple post type formats, such as audio, video, gallery, link and quote.


Accordions and Tabs


Accordions and tabs are popular interface elements that can be used for different purposes on your website. By hiding parts of your content, you implement the principle of progressive disclosure, which helps your customers process the required information in small chunks rather than all at once.

Pricing Table


Showcase your pricing options in a clear and easy to understand manner using our pre-designed pricing tables. The shortcode allows you to add several pricing plans and adjust such details as title, description, icon, link, and more.

Google Map


Adding a Google map to your website is a great way of informing your visitors about the location of your business. Simply add a required address in the Google map shortcode, and the map will appear on your website. You can also upload the map marker you want to display, as well as add multiple locations within one map.

Progress Bars and Counters


With QuickLoans, you get a wide selection of shortcodes that let you display quantitative data. Counters, pie charts, and progress bars are a great way to present raw numbers in a visually appealing and fun way.

Plugins & Tools

Beside shortcodes and other built-in features, there is a list of plugins and tools that come with QuickLoans, enhancing its functionality and making it easier to use.

Slider Revolution


The theme includes Slider Revolution for free and provides you with the several numbers of ready-made sliders you can use on your website. Customize them easily by replacing the default images and text with your own, and you’re ready to go.

Visual Composer (WPBackery Builder)

Visual Composer recently rebranded to WPBackery page builder, is a time-proven solution for creating a wide variety of page designs and layouts. In our theme, it’s spiced up with a large selection of additional shortcodes, which introduce even more ways of creating enticing pages.

Layouts Builder

The main limitation of a page builder is that it doesn’t allow you to customize the header and footer of your page. Well, it’s not the case with QuickLoans.
Layouts Builder, which comes integrated into the theme, allows you to build headers and footers exactly the same way you build pages. What’s more, you can have an even wider selection of shortcodes including the ones specific to headers and footers. Use such shortcodes as the logo, menu, login link, search form, shopping cart, language switcher, and many more to build as many header and footer variations as you want.

Essential Grid


Image galleries have never been as easy to create as with the help of Essential Grid. The plugin enables you to organize your posts in a gallery format, bringing the featured images front and center. Choose from a broad selection of layout variations, grid columns, and hover effects to create the gallery that suits your website the most.



Need to sell products online? WooCommerce has got you covered. The theme’s full integration with the most popular eCommerce plugin on the market enables you to set up an online shop easily.



In case you want to run email marketing campaigns, QuickLoans has an integrated MailChimp newsletter form, which helps you grow your base of subscribers faster. MailChimp is a popular tool among email marketers, which lets you run email campaigns for free if there are less than 2K subscribers on your list.

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking for a theme for your financial company that combines flat design and robust functionality, definitely give QuickLoans a try. With a large number of shortcodes, easy demo import, premium plugins, header & footer builder, and pre-designed sections for various purposes, the theme is a great choice for any financial agency or loan company.

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