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Ludos Paradise – Gaming News & Community WordPress Theme

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Meet Ludos Paradise, our new WordPress theme for gaming clans, blogs, and communities. The theme has a table of gaming clans matches, forum, gallery, clan member pages, graphs, online store, and many other great features.

The theme is easy to install and make it look exactly as in the demo thanks to integrated demo importer. Ludos Paradise is a fully responsive design that scales seamlessly across a wide range of devices and screen resolutions.

In addition, by purchasing Ludos Paradise, you get 6 months of premium support. The theme includes extensive documentation with thorough instructions on how to tailor certain aspects of the theme to your needs. Let’s explore Ludos Paradise features in detail and see what kind of website we can build with it.



Ludos Paradise features the matches table where you can see the upcoming and past matches, the contending teams and their scores. You can view details of each match by clicking on a matching row. Additionally, you can view information on each individual team member.

Forums & Online Community


Are you planning to add a gaming forum to your website? If that’s the case, Ludos Paradise is equipped with bbPress and BuddyPress, two fully-fledged systems to build an online community.

Clan Members


Ludos Paradise includes specific types of content for showcasing information about gaming clans, clan members, graphs with team performance, and so on.


You can display details about each gaming team, including their performance, members, and statistics.

Gaming Blog


Ludos Paradise features a beautiful blog with multiple layouts, such as classic, chess, and portfolio. This makes the theme a great platform for publishing gaming news and sharing latest events with your readers.

Those of you who want to customize the appearance of their blog feed would be happy to know that all the changes are made in the WordPress Customizer. This makes the customization process easier and more intuitive since you don’t need to reload the page every time you make a change.

Image Gallery


Showcase images from your latest contests, game presentations, meetings, etc., with the help of the Essential Grid plugin. This tool lets you create image galleries based on the featured images of your articles, and display them in different styles, such as grid, masonry and cobbles.

Collection of Shortcodes


If you’re dealing with website administration or build websites for clients, you know that content can be displayed differently. You can either put all your information in one column of text and call it a day. Or you can divide the page into sections, highlight the most important parts of your message, separate text from numbers, and make everything possible for your users to find the information they need as quickly as possible.

In the latter case, you’ll love the collection of shortcodes and pre-designed elements that come with the theme. With Ludos Paradise, you can display different types of content such as images, videos, tabs, accordions, graphs, counters, progress bars, and many more. Display your content beautifully and professionally.

WPBackery Page Builder

wp bakery

As it is with any decent WordPress theme, Ludos Paradise comes with a flexible page builder that enables you to build complex layouts for posts and pages without any coding skills.

WPBackery builder (formerly known as Visual Composer) is the primary builder for this theme and is popular among both beginners and advanced users. The builder is well-known in the WordPress ecosystem and is considered one of the most advanced and customizable solutions for your website.

The main advantage of WPBackery is its large number of extensions and shortcodes that can be used to add various types of content to your site. In our case, beside the original pack of shortcodes, you get our specifically-built collection that allows you to add even more cool widgets to your website.

WooCommerce Store


Another great feature of Ludos Paradise is its online store. Indeed, with the WooCommerce based store, you can sell any kinds of products online easily. It can be both digital or physical products, such as gaming equipment, merch, gaming chairs, keyboards, mouses, and so on.


Ludos Paradise is a beautiful and stylish gaming WordPress theme. Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of Dota, the theme has got some awesome features for all kinds of gaming websites. You can details about upcoming tournaments and matches, create an online community with integrated forums, or sell stuff online via WooCommerce store. Check out Ludos Paradise in more detail on its page on ThemeForest.

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