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MaxCube – Self Storage Solutions WordPress Theme


MaxCube is finally here, and it’s exactly the theme you need in order to build an awesome-looking and feature-rich website for your self-storage business.

Sometimes all of us need just a little more space. Space, where we can store our stuff, whether it’s furniture, technical equipment, vehicles, or any other things that we don’t need at the moment. Businesses and individuals alike may have a necessity to rent a storage space, and that’s where you come into play. By providing a self-storage solution, you let people and companies free up their living space and offices so that they can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

However unless you make it easy to find you on the web, many would have a hard time learning about your services. Having a website nowadays is a must for all kinds of businesses, including those that provide moving, transportation, and logistics services. And let’s be honest, building a website from scratch is quite expensive. Not with MaxCube, however.

The MaxCube WordPress theme is here to let you build a website for self-storage facilities and go online as soon as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the theme’s awesome features that can help you on your way of building a professional self-storage solutions website.

Slider Revolution


Slider Revolution is a top-notch WordPress plugin for sliders and hero areas, that helps you make your website more engaging and fun to browse. With its help, you can create beautiful and interactive sliders with multiple effects, such as animation, image overlay, etc. By using various types of components, you can add not only images, but text, buttons, geometric shapes, and other objects that help you craft and convey your message properly.



Services is one of the most important sections for your self-service storage business since it includes the main information your visitors would want to know when they land on your site. The services should be displayed without any visual clutter, and be distinct among other content on your site.

MaxCube manages to showcase your services in a user-friendly and readable manner. Thanks to a built-in shortcode, you can display services in various places on your website, and manage how they appear on your site. Namely, you can choose how many services you want to show, their category or group, their order, as well as several other display parameters.

Calculated Fields Form


Among the distinctive features of MaxCube, we can definitely name Calculated Fields Form. With the help of this extension, you can set up a page where your customers can calculate the cost of storage by selecting fields in an auto-calculating form.

All the fields are customizable and you can set up required values for each field individually. The Calculated Fields Form plugin also includes a visual builder that enables you to create forms more efficiently.

WPBakery Page Builder


Every WordPress theme requires a page builder, and MaxCube is not an exception. The theme is powered by WPBakery, the most extensible page builder in the industry, which remains the primary choice for many WordPress users.

Our theme extends the default functionality of the builder even further, by integrating our own shortcodes and elements. Another great thing is that the plugin comes bundled with MaxCube, which means you can use all of its features for free.

Lots of Shortcodes


Shortcodes are the meat and potatoes of any complex page built in WordPress, and the more shortcodes the theme provides you with, the better. With MaxCube, there won’t be a shortage of shortcodes, that’s for sure. Not only the theme includes shortcodes baked into the page builder, we’ve also included some of our own that help you use the theme features to their fullest.

Header & Footer Builder


Although building pages is great, customizing your header and footer areas is no less important. Fortunately, MaxCube features Header & Footer Builder, a tremendously flexible extension that allows you to finally have a full control over your header and footer areas. Taking into account the advanced inheritance system the theme provides you with, you can customize your website even further by applying separate header and footer styles to individual pages.

Blog Layouts


Although blogs are not something you pay your attention to at first when looking at a WordPress theme, they are still an integral element of a website. Whether you’re planning to publish articles regularly or not, the blog is a great tool for displaying various types of content in a chronological order.

Additionally, the theme features a lot of flexible options in the Customizer that let you fine-tune your blog page and select the blog style, the position of the sidebar, pagination styles, hide or show post metadata, and more.


MaxCube is a WordPress theme for self-storage businesses that features the solid design and useful functionality. The theme comes with WPBakery Builder on board, which lets you customize page layouts considerably. It also includes the Calculated Fields Form plugin, which is great for letting your customers calculate the storage costs automatically based on the parameters they enter.

MaxCube is fully adaptive to various screen sizes and resolutions, which is great if your customers would want to visit your site on their mobile devices. Check out more information about MaxCube at its details page on ThemeForest.

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