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Rumble — Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, and Gym WordPress Theme

Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts and Gym WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts, and Gym WordPress Theme website? Then meet Rumble, our all-in-one solution that covers these and many other sports topics. It includes beautiful homepage layouts, blog, news and magazine homepages, as well as full WooCommerce integration for your online store.

The theme boasts some amazing features that enable you to enhance your website with useful functionality. This includes the events management suite, classes and schedule timetable, appointment booking, boxer matches and bouts, and much more. A variety of home pages with different layouts help you tailor your website to specific needs, whether it be a boxing news website or gym portal.

Rumble is easy to install and adjust to your needs due to intuitive demo content installer and a plethora of theme options. You can edit theme colors, typography, and many other aspects of the theme without any programming knowledge. You can also import all theme content in a single click, or do a partial import and select only the components you need. Let’s examine some of the most outstanding features of the theme more closely.

Homepages Built for Boxing, MMA, Gym, Store, News


Rumble features several highly versatile homepages that can be used for different types of websites. The serve you as an example of what you can build with Rumble and what type of content you can use it for.


Some of the most prominent use cases are boxing website, MMA website, single boxer profile, boxing, and sports news, sports shop, and more. The homepages feature consistent styles and allow you to display various features starting from blog news layouts to WooCommerce products.

Matches, Bouts, Boxer Profiles & Records


Rumble is a theme that focuses on boxing, and it shows quite well through the design and functionality. For example, you can display boxer profiles and boxing bouts and matches.


If needed, you can add a professional record with boxer statistics to view information about recent matches and their score. Also, the theme includes several pre-built pages where you can display boxer biography and sports records.

You can also add boxer profiles to your website and search for athletes via a special search field. That’s convenient if you want to find information about a certain athlete and view their details such as name, date of birth, country of origin, etc.

Elementor Page Builder


Rumble is fully integrated with the Elementor page builder, a popular solution for creating flexible pages visually. The builder provides you with an easy-to-use interface to build and customize your website from top to bottom. Use an extensive library of elements, including our bespoke components, in order to arrange your content the desired way. We’ve also integrated a special collection of custom elements that help you achieve the desired look of certain areas, as well as display various types of content.

Header & Footer Builder


Header & Footer Builder is an essential component for customizing Rumble since it enables you to completely rearrange the layout of your header and footer areas. Built as an extension to the Elementor page builder, this tool lets you create an unlimited number of layouts. You can assign created layouts to specific parts of your website, such as home page or blog archive, or individual posts and pages.

Blog, News & Magazine Homepages & Layouts


Rumble features several highly flexible blog layouts designed for content-heavy media websites, such as news portals, blogs, and magazines. This makes Rumble a wonderful solution for boxing news, MMA blog, fighting magazine, sports news portal, and other online publishing platforms.


Customize the layout of your news homepage using our bespoke elements in the Elementor page builder. You can control the number of posts to output, the number of columns, pagination type, and much more.

Timetable & Training Schedule


The theme can be a great choice for a gym membership website and boxing training website. Therefore, it’s important to display the training schedule online so that your visitors could quickly see the upcoming classes. Fortunately, Rumble comes integrated with the timetable functionality where you can display your weekly schedule with ease.

The Events Calendar Integration


Are you organizing events often? If so, the events calendar management suite would come definitely in handy. With its help, you can organize and manage events online effortlessly. Display upcoming events, meetups, and competitions using either calendar or list views. Each event can display additional information such as venue name, location, name of the organizer, contact information, etc.

Online Store with WooCommerce


Rumble includes full integration with WooCommerce, the most widely used e-commerce solution online, and the number one choice of WordPress users. WooCommerce powers more than one-third of websites online and makes selling products online as easy as it gets.


The theme includes beautiful styles for products and other e-commerce elements such as shopping cart, product checkout screen, etc. Now your store looks nice and in accordance with the overall design.

Wrapping Up

Rumble is a wonderful and highly versatile Boxing, MMA, Martial Arts and Gym WordPress Theme that gives you powerful features for building a wide range of projects. The theme uses Elementor, one of the most prominent page builders up to date, and gives you powerful tools to customize and adjust the theme appearance to your own needs.

The theme includes several amazing homepages that demonstrate the capabilities of Rumble. Thus, you can use the theme for building a boxing website, MMA web portal, sports online store, sports and boxing magazine and news website, and much more. Depending on how you would want to use Rumble, you can take advantage of events management functionality, classes timetable, full WooCommerce integration, boxing matches tables, boxer profiles, and much more. Create a beautiful and feature-rich sports website with Rumble!

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