Are you looking for a WordPress plugin to display your data beautifully? If yes, then worry not – we might have some of the best WordPress table plugins to help you showcase your blog, in style! There are some key features that you need to look out in every plugin. That is exactly what we will discuss in our article today. 

Table Press

Table Press is one of the most well-known WordPress table plugins. This plugin is quite straightforward and easy to navigate. If you need simple data tables, then this is just the right plugin for you!

Table Press is very basic though, it helps you import data and export to program files such as Excel, CSV, HTML, and JSON. You may even add additional features as well such as row filtering, sorting, and buttons, etc. Let us discuss the features in detail below:


  • An easy interface that is similar to a spreadsheet and has an edit table data option.
  • Several options can be used to import Excel, CSV, and HTML, etc. 
  • You have an additional option that can be used to improvise the features such as those related to sorting and filtering, etc. 
  • You can even make the tables responsive and include columns that collapse. 
  • Additionally, you may also sync your table with the external sources. 
  • Easy to add content. All you need to do is add the number of rows/ columns. The rest of the features are similar to those available in excel.

Ninja Tables Pro

Ninja Tables Pro

Ninja Tables Pro is a premium plugin and is one of the most popular WordPress table plugins used in WordPress. The Ninja Table Pro has a wonderful interface, however, it is not the same as the excel-editor. If you are already used to the excel editor, then this might not be a good option for you. 


  • Data is added through a pop-up. The interface is not like that of excel’s, it is advised that you use another plugin if you are used to the excel format. 
  • The breakpoint controls are responsive. 
  • The formatting is conditional. 
  • There are several options if you want to personalize. 
  • Plenty of options – some even allow you to write your SQL queries.  
  • The option to edit at the frontend. 
  • The ability to connect the table to a fluent form plugin. 



These data tables allow you to import data from different sources such as Excel, CSV, XML, and Google Sheets. There are multiple ways through which you can customize in wpDataTables. You may even create tables through customization. Fortunately, for excel users the plugins have features that are similar to other spreadsheet applications. This can help you calculate the sums directly on the table. 

wpDataTables make it extremely easy to represent data. The plugin offers a free version. The features of the free version are limited but you can always switch to a paid version. The pro version is the most popular one, it allows you to create tables of three unique domains. 


  • It offers advanced filter settings. 
  • You can use a special feature to make calculations.
  • Users can see and use their data only.
  • Use the feature of conditional formatting to highlight different rows. 

League Table 


This table gives you the option to sort out your elements into columns. League Table offers support for several languages. Moreover, you may also need to backup your data using this format. 

This plugin is easily available at CodeCanyon at an affordable price. It is perfect for organizing financial data and pricing, etc.


  • The plugin is similar to excel. 
  • The tables are by default responsive. 
  • You can sort the data in tables using the criteria which you use for multiple columns. 
  • Data can be organized in cells using simple math. 
  • There are a lot of formatting styles available to customize your rows, columns, and tables. 



This user-friendly table plugin has several features that make it stand out from the other plugins of its kind. If you aim to create professional-looking tables, this is the plugin for your application. 

Tabletop has a draw-back though. Although, you can import CSV or TXT format it can only export TXT format. The table editor is slightly better than the rest of the table plugins discussed. 


  • Add tables through a table editor.
  • Tables can be imported in a TXT or CSV format.
  • Cell formatting supports formatting in the form of text, numbers, and currency, etc. 
  • Ability to change the background of table cells. 

Post Table Pro

Post Table Pro

If you are looking for a table plugin which is not like Excel, then Post Table Pro is a good option for you. The Post Table Pro plugin is used in applications that require a large amount of customization.


  • The ability to customize field data.
  • Control which content appears by using include/exclude rules. 
  • Improve performance by adding lazy loading. 
  • Ability to add different features like search, and sort, etc.
  • Different shortcuts are available to manipulate through data. 
  • 100% responsive.
  • Supports all kinds of media files including audio and video.


At the end of the day. It is all about which format works best for you. If you are still confused, you can hire the services of an appropriate WordPress web development company. 

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