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AMP Design Tool Battle: Top 3 Tools to Compare [Infographic]

AMP Design Tool Battle

It is strictly important for the customer to take care of every advertising campaign they launch. The main goal is evident – to trigger the target audience to buy the product they sell.

However, not all ads work equally good today as technologies never stand still. Consumers are already fed up with traditional types of ads. They seem outdated for the time being.

And the best solution that comes to the designer’s/developer’s mind is using AMPHTML ads. 

AMPHTML ads are display ads created using the AMP framework. These ads provide improved user experience, better ROI for advertisers, and an increase in publisher revenue. 

What’s more important, AMPHTMP ads are faster, lighter, and secure in contrast to the traditional ones. 

But what would be the best tool to create AMPHTML banner for you? 

Here at Bannersnack, we decided to compare 3 basic tools that work perfectly when it comes to developing AMPHTML ads. The infographic below will give you a clear vision of the strong and weak points of those tools. 

The infographic is divided into several sections that cover the major features of Bannersnack, Google Web Designer and Adobe Animate HTML ads design tools. Studying all of them it will be easy for you to decide which tool fits your level of expertise and requirements better.

Points considered:

  • Pre-designed templates availability
  • Text editing options
  • Layer system
  • Buttons & text presets
  • Picture optimization
  • Real-time validator
  • Pricing & accessibility

For your convenience, all data is displayed in the comparison table at the bottom of the visual. Don’t hesitate to check out this infographic!

Your Turn

Was my infographic of any help? Which tool did you like the most and why? What features were crucial for you? Go ahead with your estimations and leave your comments as well. Don’t forget to share this piece of content with your friends and colleagues. 


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