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WordPress Security Tips for a Healthy and Wise Website

WordPress security tips

Have you ever watched a movie ‘Snowden’, A 2016 biographical spy thriller, based on true event OF Whistle-blower ‘Edward Snowden’?  If Not — Check it out. You will like it.

Well, there is a scene in a movie when the deputy director of CIA named ‘Corbin O’Brian’ (A fictional character) tests and educates Snowden on cyberwarfare. Meanwhile a hunting trip, O’Brian tells him about an operation to counterattack Chinese attackers in Oahu, Hawaii. There he shared a bitter but true reality which is indispensable for us to keep our eyes open on, he said:-

“Security is Security and Security is the Victory.”

This open-liner is telling us all about the inevitability and importance of having a well-organized and thoughtfully-implemented security system in place to thwart all efforts of data breaches and hacking attempts. Also, using the best VPN services listed on definitely makes sense!

Since, lots of work is being done to foil hacking and malware attacks, at the same time, hackers have developed high-end bots and algorithms to break-free any barricade to manipulate any data center, any denizen or any big company.

Let’s come a very important part of this blog post, and it starts with a question: What CMS comes to your mind when you want to build a website, a blog, or an eCommerce store?

WordPress security

WordPress – Isn’t it?

WordPress powers over 35% of internet. It has over 60% market share in entire CMS market. More than 14% of the World’s top websites are WordPress – Powered. 500 plus websites are created daily on this one of the world’s leading platforms. Not only this but WooCommerce ( An eCommerce plugin for WordPress) also dominates eCommerce world by 22% as over 1 million eCommerce sites have been created using WordPress.
Although, WordPress has been prime choice of techpreneurs, businesses, bloggers and individuals. However, this CMS has been vulnerable to security loopholes which impaired its efficiency and performance off and on.

It has been the victim of security breaches in the past many years. Which saddened and disappointed millions of website owners globally.

Anyways, there are a few security tips which are applied on WordPress-powered websites, chances of hacking and data breaches are most likely to reduce.

They are easy and affordable. And, they incur lasting effects and help you keep your website healthy and wise.

So, let’s find out what they are..!

Tip #1: Change your Password Periodically

A weak password is the first step which leads to total victimization. On average, a hacking attempt cost over 7.5 million. You can’t afford to lose your important data unless you’re Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, otherwise, data-breach will give you a heart attack.

Whereas, a strong password helps you thwart a dictionary and brute-force attack. Okay! If you’ve saved yourself from dictionary attacks and brute-force attack but cybercriminals come up with another method to destroy your privacy known as ‘Phishing: A social engineering attack to steal important data and information.”

Well, here, I’m going to share really helpful strong password ideas:

a) The Revised Passphrase Method
b) The Sentence Method

a) The Revised Passphrase Method:
In this method, take names of local businesses, proper nouns, names, and any words, you can use characters except underscore. And, write to them together without space.

Let’s say: Ikeagotacostypillowfor$45.

Better set a mental image behind this revised passphrase so you could better remember it forever.

b) The Sentence Method

The sentence method is also called a ‘Bruce Scheneir method’ in which a sentence is transformed into a password using a rule — Just take starting two alphabetical letters from each word and make a password.

For Example: They make take our lives, but they’ll never take our freedom ( A famous dialogue from the movie ‘Braveheart’ directed and produced by Mel Gibson.). Let’s convert into password using ‘The Sentence Method:


(At first, this will look strange method but you can add characters to it.). This method is really helpful. If you can’t remember many things. Just remember your most favorite dialogue or any line and make a password using this trick.

Tip #2: Choose a Reliable Hosting Company


Most of the hacking attempts come through vulnerabilities in the hosting server. It is true and tested. Choosing a reliable hosting company is really important for you; if you want to protect your data and important information.

Not only it should be quick but also well-protected to safeguard you from potential threats i.e. Adware, Spyware,Trojans, Malware, and other security vulnerabilities.

A credible and professional hosting company has a military-grade security network in its place to check security 24/7 and foil any hacking attempt from happening.

You should ask for pre-sales inquiries of a hosting company, read online reviews forum sites to get a clear idea about the services they deliver. If it satisfies you, sign the contract.

Keep in mind: Don’t let your online security be compromised — If it costs you a lot of money.

Tip #3: Always Install Good Themes and Plugins

Install Good Themes and Plugins

The majority of WordPress website owners make the mistake of using cracked and low-standard themes and plugins, unaware of the idea that you’re easily vulnerable.

Therefore, you must install good themes and plugins for keeping yourself protected from threats and hacking attempts.

Install good quality of themes and plugins from the WordPress library, or you can check other reliable platforms in this regard such as MyThemeShop, etc.

Well, are you wondering — How can a hacker attack your pirated themes or plugins?

I have an easy answer to this question: It is very easy for cybercriminals to insert malicious codes into pirated themes and plugins, and hence, they steal your important data and tracks your online activities.

I would suggest you deploy themes & plugins for WordPress from scratch from a well-known company?

Because, you can blend your creativity, top-notch security and logic together for cost-effective solutions.

Final Words – Top Best WordPress Security Tips for a Healthy and Wise Website

WordPress security is easy, affordable and attainable. Only if you apply the right security tips at the right time, and you’ll be at ease to maintain the healthy and wise website.

All you need to do:-

a) Keep changing your passwords periodically, and apply two password-making ideas: 1) The Revised paraphrase method and The Sentence method; and, no hacker will be able to break your password.

b) Always pick a reliable hosting company with a military-grade security system that keeps security vulnerabilities away from hosting servers.

c) Always buy genuine themes and plugins. If you can’t afford to buy, then install themes and plugins from trustworthy sources. Don’t compromise on your security by using pirated themes and plugins.

Apply these tips on your websites and you will enjoy top-notch WordPress Security – Timely and Effectively.

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