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Steps To Create Those Perfect Photo Slideshows With Music


Photo slideshows are the best way to capture life experiences. In this way, you can always share those memories with your loved ones over a cup of coffee on a winter night. The slideshows are also capable of collecting all the photos and making a unique collage and mixture of them. It brings great joy when you can see all those activities that you and your family had done a long time ago before your eyes again. It is so good that it creates an emotional bond with the photos. It captures the experiences that mean so much to us that we get emotional by seeing those photos. Creating such photography slideshows is also a fun thing when there is nothing more exciting to do.

Moreover, it helps to store the images in the digital form, so it remains intact for an extended amount of period. In this article, we will let you know some of the necessary steps by which you will also be able to create a beautiful photo slideshow with music. It will also enable you to share the slideshow with your social media handles at a later point in time. This piece of writing will also help you if you don’t know where to start from in the making of the photo slideshow.

How To Create A Photo Slideshow So That You Can Store All Your Best Memories?

The process required for the making of a creative slideshow with music requires patience. The procedure also needs full attention to the subject. But it is important to remember that the whole process is enjoyable if you know what you are doing. You can create slideshows with many types of applications available online and offline. Some of the best slideshow video makers are Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, and Animoto, etc. This tutorial applies to every platform that you use to create your very own slideshow. The steps to create awesome slideshow with music is as follows:

First Think Of  The Story

First, you have to think of the story that you want to say through the slideshow. The story which you are going to select is very crucial for the slideshow because the core subject of the slideshow will depend upon that. In this case, the best way is to think of an event that is very close to your heart. Suppose you and your wife are expecting your first child and now you are thinking of doing something special for her. Here, you can use this subject and also attach the photos spanning over all these months to create a perfect gift for her and the whole family.

Select The Photos

When you have already finalized the story for the slideshow, now, here comes the natural part of the whole process. You currently have to make some choices. You have to select the photos and images from the gallery. If you like, you can also choose the pictures from a physical album and later scan them with the help of a scanner. If the selection of the photographs is difficult for you, then you can always take the help of a close individual who can help you in making the choices.

Sort The Pictures

Now, you have to be very patient. It is because here in this step, you have to sort the pictures according to their timelines manually. The arrangement may take some time, but you do not have to worry about that. You have to ensure that each photo gets sorted in this step. The making of a great slideshow requires everything in an arranged manner. For example, if you are planning to make a birthday slideshow, then you can take photos and arrange them according to the time they got shot. It can turn out to be a fantastic slideshow if you do this properly.

Adjust The Scale

Afterward, you have to put on your editing shoes. If you like tweaking the photos, then you can always adjust the scale or the length or width of the picture in the video frame. Sometimes, all the images do not have the same dimensions. Therefore, those who want perfection in their slideshow can use scaling for the photos. The position of all the selected images inside the composed slideshow is essential. Any simple slideshow maker can adjust the frame position of the pictures. But it may be useful for some of the users if they use any kind of YouTube video editor online for this step.

Add Various Types Of Transitions

Then, after you have completed the above four steps, you can use many things to add a little bit of creativity for the slideshow. Here, you can add various types of transitions between the photos in the slideshow. All these transitions will create a high effect when the images change one after another during the slideshow. There are more clip arts and stickers which can enhance the feel of the slideshow to an even higher level. For illustration, you can take the birthday example. If you can add the stickers of cake, party poppers, and hats to the slideshow, then it will look even more incredible.

Check The Project For Any Remaining Inconsistency

But, before going to the last step, you have to check the progress of the slideshow so that there does not remain any flaw after you render it. You have to ensure the quality of the images and the corresponding effects and transitions to be more confident about the end result of the whole project. 

Import Your Favorite Track

Finally, you have to import your favorite track and add it to the slideshow. To make the slideshow even more interesting, you can choose an audio track that goes well with the subject of the slideshow. If you want your slideshow to share on YouTube, then it will be better if you use some of the royalty-free tracks that are available on various platforms like Invideo. This AI-powered slideshow maker can directly share the slideshow to your social media handles and YouTube.

That you have already learned to make the picture slideshows with music in it, it is time to evaluate your abilities.

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