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Top Instagram Trends to Watch Out for Enhanced Engagement in 2020

instagram trends

You still have a month left for the New Year to come and so can stay in tune with the current Instagram trends. You can implement some of the strategies to boost engagement levels for your posts. As we bid adieu to 2020 and usher in the New Year, it is important that you focus on the trends and IG campaigns that customers loved, enjoyed through 2020. You will want to figure out which of the tactics worked and which did not, and what you would expect from Instagram during Christmas and New Year. 

According to an article published on, Instagram trends fly very fast and through the year, the changes have quick, livid amid the corona pandemic and competitors revolutionizing to improve branding, engagement, and sales. 

Staying updated with trends will help stay ahead of competitors, stay flexible, and focused with more emphasis on your content calendar. There are many trends to watch out for like stories, live videos, Instagram shopping, and many more. In this article, we will walk you through some of the top Instagram trends of 2020 as we ring in the New Year with new hopes and aspirations. Read on to learn more. 

Instagram Reels to Become Popular 

IG Reels lets you create and modify short video clips of 15 seconds, the feature introduced in August 2020. The feature is currently available in 20 nations. It’s expected that Reels will gain popularity very fast just like TikTok and IG Reels will become the hottest trend of 2021. 

Amid the pandemic, TikTok was banned in some countries and it made TikTok users expect to find an alternative. Here is, Reels! Data indicates that the average Instagram time spent by users has increased since the inception of Reels. With the TikTok ban in place, there are possibilities that Reels will dominate in the US and become one of the cool trends of 2021. 

Instagram Stories Will Continue to Rule 

Though Instagram Stories was introduced four years before, it gained popularity in no time, one of the top IG trends to win the love of Instagrammers and brands across the globe. The feature is Instagram’s most-liked features and Facebook’s best product. 

Brands use stories for influencer marketing with 8 of 10 businesses, approx 78 percent citing that the feature has a great impact on Instagram influencers, especially their content related to the brand. 

It is the top tool among Instagram influencers. Did you know that as much as 88 percent of influencers post content on Instagram Stories regularly? Stories will continue to be the coolest trends of 2021 because 63 percent of influencers were using the feature more often in 2020. At least, all signs indicate that. This is why you should invest in Instagram shoutouts if you aren’t already. They can work out more affordable than ads if you follow the right strategy.

Instagram Shopping to Continue Delighting Users 

Did you know that 70 percent of online shoppers rely on Instagram when looking for products and another 130 million people tap IG’s shopping posts each month? It indicates in-app shopping will keep trending on Instagram. 

Some people may think that IG is not the obvious platform to shop, but the terms Instagram and shopping indicate opportunities for commerce. Moreover, 36 percent of users in America list shopping as their hobby. These days, shoppable posts garner increased and free Insta likes from real-time shoppers on the photo-sharing platform. 

That is why the IG is continuously introducing new, exciting features to cater to shoppers’ needs, over various phases of the purchase funnel. 

Data indicates that 70 percent of buyers leverage Instagram for finding new products. There are also 130 million people, who learn about brand products. All they need to do is tap on shoppable posts to learn more. These days, shoppers are spending more time on the IG and therefore, in-app shopping has a high probability of trending in the New Year. 

Instagram Live Will Keep Trending 

Did you know that the Instagram Live feature was popular amid the corona pandemic and its use escalated? According to Business Insider, IG Live had skyrocketed 70 percent at the height of the corona epidemic. It will continue to remain popular in the coming year as well. 

With the world plagued with the pandemic amid lockdowns and stay-at-home orders by the government, people used social media and digital platforms to interact. 

The experts and analysts in the industry opine that people hate to stay in isolation for a long time and therefore, turn to platforms like Instagram and Facebook to quench their thirst for social interaction. 

As we are moving to embrace 2021, the corona pandemic does not seem to go away any time soon. On the contrary, succeeding waves of the virus infection has hit many nations, of late. In such a scenario, with lockdowns in place, IG Live will keep trending in the forthcoming year as well. 

Carousel Ads Will Keep Delighting Users 

Photos are worth a thousand words. Multiple visuals including photos or videos or the mix of both will trend now and in the coming year. IG carousel posts are one of the most liked formats since its inception in 2017, early in the year to be precise. In 2020, it does not indicate stopping any time soon. 

After the launch of the carousel feature, only three percent to four percent of all IG content was used as a carousel post. Thereafter, until July 2020, this figure inflated to 19.4 percent, based on the findings of Marketing Charts, 2020. 

In the current year, carousel posts’ share of overall IG content kept skyrocketing every month. It has made analysts believe that carousel content will become Instagram’s major organic content format. 

If these numbers keep increasing or stay consistent, there is beyond doubt that carousel content would continue to become one of the hot trends in the coming.

IGTV Will Dominate 


IGTV will keep trending so that brands can use long-form video on Instagram. It will make your IG content more appealing for content curators to create lengthy videos for IGTV and earn revenue from ads. This way, brands will get an opportunity in front of new audiences for improving brand awareness. 


Stay tuned with these Instagram trends to take their brand marketing to the next level. It will help provide you with sufficient information to help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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