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Elementor Free vs Elementor Pro Which One Is Award Winning Website Builder?


WordPress is considered one of the best content management systems. It is very easy to use but still requires some basic web building knowledge and if you are a newbie then using it may seem to be a bit difficult. So, it is better to use a web building plugin if you want to start working with WordPress.

There are various WordPress plugins available in the market and Elementor is one out of them. It is a very popular WordPress plugin. By using this plugin, you can build a website by just dragging and dropping the elements.

This product is available in two versions named Elementor Free and Pro. Here, we are going to have a deep comparison between Elementor Free vs Pro and will look at the aspects where these two software differs.

Comparison between Elementor Free vs Pro

This WordPress plugin is available in two versions, Free and Pro. And the best part is that this plugin can smoothly work with DreamHost vs BlueHost. Although the Pro version is an add-on to the Free version. This means that all the features of the Free version are included in the Pro version of the Elementor. The major features that you may find in common between these two versions are:

  • Drag and Drop Building: It is the very basic feature that is available with both versions. Both versions support the creation of webpages by just dragging and dropping elements. And the best thing is that for this you don’t need to have any coding knowledge.
  • Responsive Editing: Elementor free and Pro also supports responsive editing. You can create pages responsive to various kinds of devices.
  • Amazing available resources: With the free version, you are also supplied with over 30 widgets and 40 templates. All these things are also included in the Pro version.
  • Build amazing landing pages: With both of these versions, you can also create amazing landing pages for your website. You can either use the pre-designed templates or the blank ones for creating the landing pages.

So, these are the major features that you can enjoy with both versions of the Elementor WordPress Plugin. Although there are some additional features that are only accessible with the Pro version. These features are mentioned in the further sections.


Why Is the Elementor Pro Version Better Than Elementor Free?

There is no doubt that the free version of Elementor provides amazing features for building a website. But there are lots of amazing features that are only accessible if you opt for a paid version of Elementor. These features are:

  • Supports more websites: The Pro version of Elementor can be used for creating multiple sites. With the Pro versions, you can create up to 1000 websites with a single subscription.
  • More Resources: In comparison to the free version, the Pro version provides more resources. With this version, you are supplied with over 300 templates plus 40+ widgets. All these templates and widgets are fully customizable.
  • Theme builder: Elementor also supports theme building. By using this feature you can create your own theme or can customize the existing ones. 
  • Design 404 pages: Have you ever thought of having a designed 404 page? Well with the Pro version of the Elementor, you can design the 404 pages as per your requirements.
  • Ecommerce supported: With this version, you can easily set up an online store as it supports a lot of eCommerce features. You can also easily create a pricing table for your store with help of a pricing table or Widgets.
  • Supports form creation: Elementor Pro comes with a variety of custom form templates. With the help of these templates, you can set up online Contact Forms, Subscription Forms, Login Forms, and a lot of kinds of forms.
  • Integrations: This version also supports the integration with various other plugins and platforms like MailChimp, ConverKit, GetResponse, ReCaptcha, etc. All these tools can ease the work of doing business for you.
  • Others: Besides all these major features, there are a lot more features that are linked to this version like the addition of share buttons, social media integration, etc.

So, these are the various features that are accessible only if you opt for the Pro plan of Elementor. However, both of these versions have similar Elementor Pros and Cons.

Price of the Elementor Pro Version

With Elementor, you are provided with three paid plans, differing in pricing and some of the aspects. These plans are:

Elementor Personal

This is the basic paid plan of Elementor and is suitable for personal usage. This plan costs around $49 per year and includes all the above-mentioned features. With this plan, you can only build one website.

Elementor Plus

By subscribing to this plan, you can use this plugin for building a maximum of 3 websites. The price of this plan is $99 for one year.

Elementor Expert

This is an Expert level plan and is suitable for professional usage. It can be used for building up to 1000 websites and the price of this plan is $199.

So, these are the prices that a user might have to pay by opting for any of the Elementor Pro Plan.

Elementor Free or Pro: Which is better?

So far we have compared all the features of both of these versions and on the basis of that,

  1. If you are just a beginner or want Elementor for just learning purposes then it is better to start working with the Free version.
  2. The free version is nice but lacks a lot of tools that you made the need for making a professional-looking website. So, it is better to use the Pro version if you want to provide a sophisticated look to your website.

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