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The Best Video Maker: Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora

The YouTuber community always remains in search of such software applications with the help of which they can improve the quality of videos and increase their engagement. 

YouTube is emerging as a great platform for digital marketing and money-making; YouTubers are focusing more on producing such content that can generate leads and drive traffic to their channel. 

For that, they want to pair up their unique ideas, talent, experience, and tips with videos loaded with decent effects. 

While content is their mind’s creation, for visual and sound effects, they want a helping hand to reduce their workload and unlimited editing features to give their imagination wings. 

If you are among them searching for a one-stop destination for your videos, then you are at the place. Here you get a detailed guide on the best video editing software. 

So here we go. 

Wondershare Filmora  


Don’t try your patience and end your search with this software application that can handle all your editing settings for your videos. 

It was launched in the year 2015, and since then, there is no looking back for it. In the last few years, it has expanded its user base and released various other tools, too, offering video editors a wide platform to edit their videos. 

Unlike other software application, it runs on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and is completely compatible with the latest processor and graphic drivers giving you a high standard experience. 

What makes it a favourite among YouTubers is the fact that it doesn’t require any technical knowledge, and even the non – professional video editors can use it. 

It has a plethora of attractive features that steal the limelight and makes everyone tempted to try it once. 

Wondershare Filmora has tons of editing settings to offer the users who want to make their videos stunning. So, let’s start exploring, 

Wondershare Filmora

Straightforward User Interference 

One more feature that makes it the first choice of YouTubers is the easy to use dashboard that even a newbie can handle. So, with this tool, even the newcomer can edit videos easily. 

Straightforward User Interference

It comes in the dark and light mode that makes it compatible with any kind of work environment. It aims mainly at the non – professionals who don’t have much technical knowledge about video editing.

Drag and Drop Feature 

This software denies the myth that features enrich application must be hard to handle. To make the editing super easy, it has a drag and drops feature by which you can add and edit clips in no time. 

You can find all your editing features such as trim, crop, rotate, audio editing in front of you easily. 

Motion Tracking 

It is one of the most awaited features of video editing applications that are finally here to leave your viewers mesmerized yet invisible in most video editing tools. 

With this feature, you can captivate the motion of any moving object in your video in a frame and can add text to it, with effects, captions or whatever you want. 

You can track the movement of moving objects in your video which moves across your screen and edit them.

Motion Tracking


It is such an incredible feature that lacks in most video editing applications but plays a vital role in upgrading the quality of the animations. 

With this feature, you can create special effects, make customized titles cards popping up in the starting, middle or at the end of your video. 

You can also make customized paths for photos, picture – on – picture videos for smooth movement throughout the video. 


Transitions and Effects 

It comes in a wide range of almost 300 special effects, more than 80 transitions, object overlays, music effects, audio effects that make your video editing experience interesting. 

Transitions and Effects

It’s all effects are customizable, so although all the users have the same effects, yet they can design something unique according to their imagination. 

Image Quality 

What makes this software completely different from all other applications out there is this feature which can change your image quality to its core. 

In this feature, you get colour matching, colour correction settings that make your clips consistent throughout the entire video. 

To reduce your work and editing time, it allows you to apply changes to all the clips in the video in one go. This feature is absent in many video editing applications.

Visual Effects 

To make your videos more powerful, this application has a split–screen, video stabilization, tilt-shift, gradient colour petting, mosaic features and background changing feature. 

With all these visual effects, you can make your dreams come true, put your imagination into reality and give a professional touch to your videos. 

Audio Effects 

This video editing tool is packed with advanced audio effect settings, such as audio ducking, audio equalizer, which enhances the sound quality. 

Audio Effects

The noise removal feature clears all unwanted background noises troubling you. It has a unique feature of fading and mixing audio tracks with video clips to make them the best. 

Not only you can add downloaded audios but also voice-over, video tracks, and background music to give your videos a realistic experience. 

Easy Sharing 

When you have so much on your plate, then there is nothing like wasting your time exporting and importing videos. 

While other applications take a lot of time in sharing, this tool saves you from that, with easy sharing of videos to any platform you want. You can import and export videos, clips, images quickly. 

These are all the features that this incredible software offers you to make your videos pro and leave an impressive image of your videos to the viewers. 

Wondershare Filmora


After discussing the features, now it turns to look for advantages that this tool offers to its users, making it completely unique, innovative from all other video editing tools. Don’t forget to check more video editing tips from here

  1. With its highly systematic infrastructure, it makes video editing a piece of cake for newbies. With easy sharing, it saves a lot of precious time for the users.
  2. It has a wide range of effects, transitions, and other settings that gives you the freedom to give your videos a personal touch. 
  3. It is very affordable, and even its premium plan costs less than many application’s basic plans. 
  4. It is ideal for those who don’t have the knowledge of professional video editing and don’t want to waste their money on new software and then regret it. 
  5. Although being cheap, it doesn’t compromise on features and gives its user the best experience of video editing, which makes them its fan. 
  6. With its stunning effects, one can improve the videos, which results in attracting new viewers, expanding the base for digital marketing. 

These are the reason why this software is the king of all video editing software applications and a must for YouTubers. 

Ultimate Verdict  

So, in a nutshell, we can say that this tool is all in one answer for all the challenges that a YouTuber can face with video editing applications. 

Its features are what makes it stand in the crowd of video editing software applications. With its low price range, unique features, a massive library of effects, transitions, overlays and other settings, it is an evergreen choice of all the YouTubers who want to give their audience a satisfactory experience. 

So let your creative juices flow with this tool and begin your journey if you don’t start yet. 

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