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Codester – a Marketplace for All Web Designers and Developers


Codester is a huge marketplace that has all the goodies web designers, developers, and marketers need for their projects.

When I say all the goodies, I really mean it.

The place is filled with tones of both free and premium products:

  • Scripts and Codes – PHP scripts, Java scripts, CSS, Pyton, Java, Ruby, C & C++, C#, and VB.NET
  • App templates – Android, Buildbox, Cosntruct 2, Cordova, Corona, Flutter, etc.
  • Themes – Drupal, Ghost, HTML, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, WordPress, and all the other platforms.
  • Plugins – Drupal, CS-Cart, Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Graphics – User interfaces, Game assets, Icons, Logos, etc.

In these sections, you will find super-premium products. Free files can be found in the Free files section. If you decide you make an account, you can download each week’s 4 files for free. The files are super useful and are always selected to be a really good deal for you.

Codester is a large marketplace, no matter what you are looking for, for sure will find it here.

What is super cool at Codester versus other similar websites, is that here everything is handpicked and carefully analyzed before being uploaded on the marketplace.

Here you will not find products that don’t work perfectly or for which there is no support.

But you can do much more with Codester.

Make Money With Codester

Codester can be used for additional income. The income will be as large as you decide. You work just a little bit; your income will be small.

But there are also persons that took Codester super seriously and they manage to get super incomes through Codester, being extremely happy with this platform.

So decide, which story do you want to be in?

The platform can be used in 2 ways to make money.

  1. Refer new customers to Codester using your affiliate link and you will receive 10% of any of their purchases. 

The affiliate tracking cookie lasts 90 days. You will receive a commission from all customers that sign up within 90 days after clicking on your affiliate links.

  1. The second way is to sell your products through Codester. 

Codester is offering a huge commission – 70%. It is one of the highest in the market.

And even better, Codester lets you sell your product using your own website. You are not tied with the marketplace.

Another pluses are that you will name your prices.

Sell scripts, codes, themes, app source codes, and graphics. There are no limitations on Codester.

They will handle payments and everything else, you will focus just on creating high-quality and interesting stuff.

Codester Prices

Codester is having better prices than other platforms and they offer highly discounted products every day. Don’t forget about the free products they offer each week.

They have some of the best deals in the world for web designers and web developers, putting lots of effort and money into their marketing strategies. 

Check the Flash Sale section to find these excellent deals and keep in mind that these offers expire. If you really like something, get it right away, don’t think too much as you might lose the deal.


Codester is a complete marketplace that will help you with everything you need to create any kind of website you need – personal, blog, shop, agency, marketing, creating, business, etc – and supercharge it with all the graphics and functionalities that would like.

The support staff is friendly and they reply quickly.

It is a pleasure to use Codester, give it a try. 

Please share the word about Codester, your friends will be happy to find out about this great marketplace.

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