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40+ Efficient Web Solutions & Services

web tools

Efficient web solutions and services help us grow our websites and online businesses. These solutions were designed to solve our problems, and usually their cost is very affordable.

Below, we reviewed over 40 efficient web tools and services, from different niches:

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Under Collaborative app for remote teams


ProofHub is an extremely helpful software platform for remote teams. It offers constant and effective communication with chats, discussions, and notes. With Kanban boards, a calendar view, and Gantt charts, it enables perfect work management between teams for remote and hybrid alike. 

It is an excellent team collaboration and project management tool that comes in handy for just about everything from maximizing productivity to organizing files.

It comes with a free trial and fixed pricing plan that comes with no per-user fee. 
Our advice: Get your hands on this tool as soon as you can to streamline your work processes and smartly organize everything.



ezClocker is a highly rated time tracking and scheduling app for small businesses. Ideal for small teams who need a simple to use app that works within their budget. One of the reason’s ezClocker is highly rated on the AppStore is it’s simple design where even a non-tech person can figure out how to use it. 



LNDKLY is the World’s Fastest-Growing LinkedIn Prospecting service, being a powerful addon that you can get for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator has become the ‘go-to’ tool for sales teams, but most salespeople lack the time required to properly manage the channel.

Their service will make you more efficient and helps you close more deals than ever. The team behind LNDKLY will connect you with 100 prospects per day and once connected, they will manage all communications.

If you don’t want to use a service like this, you can always use the sales navigator by yourself. Here’s a great guide on how to use sales navigator.

See how it works.



From an outsider perspective, a designer’s job may seem as easy as pie. Little do they know about the complex analytical processes, countless brainstorming sessions and numerous tests running behind the development of a good design. This lack of understanding often becomes an issue for self-employed designers and creative teams alike. They always have to explain why the work on the project took as much as it did and why clients have to pay the price as it stands.

actiTIME is a great helper in this regard. This intelligent and user-friendly timesheet tool can be applied not only to track billing time and hours spent on different tasks but also to create a detailed work breakdown with the scope management feature. 

In actiTIME, you can develop projects and add as many tasks as you wish to them. Then, you may track time for each of these tasks separately for greater process transparency. Besides, you can leave comments for every time tracking entry in the timesheet to clarify what you’ve accomplished during the day. In this way, you’ll get a thorough overview of your progress and all the little components involved in the work on projects, which will explicitly justify both the timelines and the price of your service.

In addition to the above, actiTIME reduces the risk of errors in the process of data collection and streamlines many essential management processes – from billing and invoicing to leave request approval. Thus, it allows managers to get extra time for work on important matters as they won’t have to spend hours solving trivial administrative problems and correcting mistakes. Sign up for a free actiTIME trial and bring your productivity to the next level. 



WhatFontIs made font identification simple, for all of us.

The tool is 100% free to use and no registration is needed.

Use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from pictures and from the web, in a matter of seconds. The process is straightforward and simple, even with no prior experience.

Software Development Company – StarTechUp

Startechup is a popular web development company that helps startups, enterprises, and NGOs scale up. They have a vast experience in this, helping hundreds of customers from all over the world.

They will help you with web and mobile app development, with UI/UX design, with due diligence, 24/7 technical support, and much more.

Get in touch with them for a free consultation.

Taskade — Collaborative To-do List for Remote Teams

Taskade is a unified workspace for remote teams where people will chat, organize, and get things done. It is used by both small and huge companies like Netflix, Activision, and TransferWise, being a quick-growing and highly-appreciated solution.

The software is the most customizable in the industry, it is simple to use, and it comes with a free forever plan.

Register for the free plan and see how it works, once you use Taskade, you will never quit.



FireCheckout is the best Magento One page Checkout Extension, helping you cut the checkout time with 65% and have only 1-step.

The default Magento checkout process has 6 steps which is way too much in 2021. A long checkout translates into a bad conversion rate.

Check the demo page and features page to have a better understanding.

Get FireCheckout now, you don’t even have to worry about installation, it is included in the price.


Goodie is a full-service agency with huge experience in the industry, being responsible for some of the best WordPress and simple websites in the world.

Get in touch with them for a free consultation.

Mobirise Website Builder


Mobirise is by far the best offline website builder in the market, for many years now, being the choice of tons of people from all parts of the world.

With Mobirise you will find website creation easy. The platform offers you a massive library of 4,000 awesome website templates, thousands of sliders, galleries, forms, popups, and icons, plus a super intuitive and easy to use interface.

Design your website with Mobirise, you will love it.

Denver Web Design Services

Offering one of the top Denver Web Design Services, UPQODE has an unbeaten track record of client satisfaction ratings. Their focus on creating customer-centric, quality driven web designs prove to be successful time and time again. 

Having worked with over 400 clients across all industries, they ensure client success by providing the highest of quality work. Whether it’s building an e-commerce store or a complex network system, UPQODE will work hand-in-hand with their client to select the optimal solution for their client’s needs.

Total WordPress Theme

10. Total WordPress Theme

Total is a premium WordPress theme that has everything you need included.

You will find included a huge library of 40+ website designs, 80+ builder modules, 500+ stytling options, and even more.

Take a look.

Soft UI Design System

Creative Tim created a brand-new free UI Kit that looks amazing.

Its quality can easily compete with premium kits, check out the Product Details and Live Preview!

Get it now for free and save up to 3-4 weeks of hard work.

Email Marketing

Mailmunch is a professional all-in-one email marketing platform that will help you boost conversions by up to 400%.

It has everything you need including:

  • Gorgeous pre-built email templates
  • Thousands of royalty-free photos that you can add to your emails
  • Email marketing features and integrations
  • Probably the best interface in the email marketing platform industry
  • Easy-to-use auto responders
  • Cart abandonment tool

Give it a try to get a competitive advantage in the market.

Free Email Templates

You want to create emails like professional marketers and agencies?

Then you should start using Unlayer, the most popular email drag-and-drop builder.

The software has a massive library of 600+ email templates, a smart editor, and the interface is intuitive and simple to use.

Give it a try.

8b Website Builder

8b is a simple, yet super powerful website builder that you can use to create any kind of website you need:

  • Personal
  • Blog
  • Business
  • Store
  • Marketing agency
  • Creative
  • Etc.

It has a massive library of 250+ stunning website templates, so no matter what you are looking for, you will find included.

Find out more about 8b.


Jordan Smith is a professional web designer, web developer, and SEO strategist, with customers from all parts of the world.

Why people love working with Jordan Smith:

  • He has tons of experience and this you will easily see in what he delivers.
  • He always goes the extra mile, overdelivering and offering for free his advices.
  • His rates are honest and affordable.
  • Jordan respects the deadlines.
  • He is a nice person and you will work with him with ease.

Get a free quote.

Retro Text Effects

Retro is not gone out of fashion. It’s still the loved niche especially by designers. Here comes a set of 4 visually appealing Photoshop retro text effects created with care keeping in mind the retro feel of bygone years.

Antideo Email Validation Plugin

Antideo is one of the very few vendors that combines email validation, phone number validation, IP info and IP health check into one single package making it very affordable for small businesses. This combination ensures that you can utilize a number of validation parameters making it a very powerful tool to fight spam. The base package of 10 API calls per hour is free and hence makes it a no brainer to try out.

Heroic Inbox

Heroin Inbox is a new way to manage your customer support email directly from your WordPress website.

It is very simple to use and quick, and it is feature rich.

Check it.

Top Rated SEO Courses

You are looking for the best online SEO programs in the world?

Stop wasting time on Google and other websites.

These guys did all the hard work and put together a page with all the information you need about the best SEO courses.

Find out which SEO course is the best for you and start the training.

Web Design Auckland

If you need a custom website design that will look totally different from anything else, but you need it to be also easy to navigate, and optimized for speed, SEO, traffic, and sales, you will need to work with a highly-experienced web design agency like Web Design Auckland.

They have the experience and the resources to help you get such a website.

Ask for a free consultation.

KMS Website Design & Internet Marketing

KMS Website Design & Internet Marketingis among the few full-service agencies that will offer you complete services, from A to Z:

  • Stunning website designs
  • Professional website development
  • Content writing no matter the industry you are in
  • Search engine marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Website hosting set-up
  • Website maintenance

Let experts help you with everything you need so you can focus on growing your business.


Fotor will help you design an Instagram ad that converts with ease. The software is loaded with hundreds of gorgeous templates and thousands of stunning pictures.

No matter what visual you need to create, Fotor will help you do it quick and easy.

Check it.


You don’t have to be a web pro or spend a fortune on one to create a full-fledged website or a landing page — the uKit builder can do it for you with a little help of yours. Everything is already ready for you: intuitive interface, stunning templates, widgets and blocks, SEO tools, free hosting, integration options, and so on. Customize the content and design and it’s done.

Content Snare – Document collection

Content Snare is a complete solution that will help you collect content from your customers in a professional and quick way.

It will create a checklist of documents that your clients have to upload and it will follow-up with them until all the files are uploaded.

Find out more about Content Snare.


uCoz is a highly customizable, yet easy to use website builder. It allows creating highly personalized websites in a fairly short period of time thanks to its intuitive interface  combined with unlimited HTML/CSS editing, RSS import, direct FTP access, and ability to install external modules directly into code without any charges for it. Make a great website with uCoz. Start now!


WP AOS is a professional WordPress management service that will maintain, secure, support, and take complete care of your websites.

Stop losing time for these tasks when you can easily hire WP AOS and let them do the work.

They are experts in WordPress and their rates are super affordable.


SiteBuilders.Pro enjoys immense user popularity due to its professionalism, reputability, years of industry expertise and special attention to each project they work on. The service deals with website creation, maintenance and promotion by means of using website builders for this purpose. They also guarantee professional website transfer between popular platforms to comply with special user requirements and objectives. Just apply for a free consultation and wait for around a week to get high end outcome.

Don’t know what web design platform to choose for your new project? Go ahead to browse, which will help you find the right answer. The resource publishes reviews and comparison of website builders used for various types of web projects. This is where you can find the system to comply with your major requirements and goals. To understand how your project may eventually look, reach the section with examples of websites created with different platforms.

Ideaz – Business Tips for Creatives & Small Businesses

You are a photographer, artist, designer, or small business owner and you look for expert advices, tips, tutorials, and reviews for tools that will help you grow your business?

Find all this information on IdeazInc website.

Take a look.


stepFORM is a novel service that helps small businesses and individuals create order forms, quizzes, and surveys on a budget. It comes with 17 basic elements and beautiful professional-looking templates. No developer diploma is needed: you work in the drag’n’drop interface. stepFORM lets accept instant payments, improve behavioral metrics and increase your search engine rankings. Check out all the tools and features with the free plan now.


If you have a business and you are stuck with the numbers (traffic, sales, conversions, etc.), no matter what your marketing efforts are, then you should get help from Return On Now.

The agency has 12+ years of experience and it was founded by an internet marketing expert named Tommy Landry.

They will help you with SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising, and Content Marketing, being experts in these niches.

Ask for a free consultation.


WordPressToWix.PRO is a perfect solution for everyone, who intends to switch from WordPress to Wix. This is the full-cycle modern service, which uses automated tools and their rich experience to complete the transfer of any project regardless of its specialization and complexity.  The service thoroughly tests the developers and picks only the best ones to join the team. They also encourage them for further development, keeping an eye on their expertise and responsibility level. This eventually guarantees professional outcome and customer satisfaction.

Opinion Stage Polls, Quizzes & Surveys

Opinion Stage is a popular quiz, survey, and poll builder that is loaded with hundreds of stunning templates and with a smart editor.

No matter your level of experience, with Opinion Stage you will create awesome visual quizzes.

Give it a try.


CodeLobster IDE is an advanced free cross-platform IDE intended for editing PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript files with special support Drupal, Joomla, JQuery, Bootstrap, Angular, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Laravel, Magento, Symfony, Twig, Yii and WordPress.


RumbleTalk will help you add a moderated chat on your website, being the most advanced, popular, feature-rich, and simple to use software in its niche.

They offer a free forever plan, which is very comprehensive.

Use RumbleTalk today.

Helion | Personal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme + Store

Helion theme was made to help any creative entrepreneur with a fantastic performance. It can be used for a photography website of any focus due to its absolute customizability. The hassle-free content management is established by the Elementor Page Builder, which allows users to avoid interaction with code but use premade Elements for real-time customization. 

This is a special portfolio WordPress theme that you can use for both, visual content displaying and revenue generation. Helion is a WooCommerce-ready theme that includes premade e-store layout, product pages, a shopping cart, and an ability to receive payments through the website. Use the Helion theme to create a sharp portfolio from scratch and boost your business efficiency in 2021. 

Cloe Brooks | Psychology, Counseling & Medical WordPress Theme + RTL

Cloe Brooks theme offers 5+ ready-made homepage designs that match the medical and psychology niches. With this theme, anyone can create a professionally looking website and organize content beautifully. 

The theme features the most useful content management tools, including a powerful drag and drop page builder, Mega Menu, Ajax Search technology, video sliders, One-Site option, Back To Top button, flexible color scheme, extensive typography collection. 

Cloe Brooks theme can be used for sharing educational materials, online therapy sessions, and commercial activities. The theme comes with the WooCommerce support which integrates the website with a ready-to-use e-store layout and online sales option. 

AlphaColor | Type Design & Printing Services WordPress Theme + Elementor

Establish vibes of reliability on a website using the AlphaColor theme. This theme can be used to refresh an existing website design or launching a stylish creative website from scratch. In both cases, no coding knowledge is needed. The theme comes bundled with powerful live content customizers that can turn any user into a professional website designer.

The theme features multiple ready-made layouts that allow users to start an online performance straight away. Another option that affects the website launching speed is the One-Click Installation tool as it transfers all the theme data to a user’s computer automatically. 

XSTORE – The Most Complete & Customizable WooCommerce Theme

No matter what kind of WooCommerce store you have or you want to launch, XSTORE is a complete theme that will get you covered with over 100 shop designs.

Find out more about XSTORE.


Acowebs will help you with some very cool plugins for your WooCommerce store.

Add functionalities that your store needs to increase its sales.

Check these plugins and pick what you need.


Ramotion is popular for creating highly-professional brand identities, websites, and UI/UX designs for startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Get a free quote.

IP Geolocation API

Abstract is a professional and popular provider of a wide variety of API keys.

Find out more about Abstract.


We forgot to tell you about WPCustomify, a complete WooCommerce service agency. They have huge experience in this niche and they will take care of your store fixes, issues, customizations, and optimizations.

Probably other web tools and services should be part of this article too.

We are open for your suggestions.

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