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2022 Must-Follow Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Brand

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Digital marketing strategists have their work cut out for them when planning for 2022. 

They are inundated by a business landscape that’s disrupted by a raging pandemic, after-effects of which will likely last for the next few years. Then, let’s take into account new technologies, apps, business models, regulatory changes, and an evolving clientele.

Now, with 2022 on the horizon, it’s time for marketers to search for ways to engage with their customers digitally while capitalizing on the power of technological innovations. 

The following guide expounds on some interesting digital marketing tactics that your business can use to get results in the coming year. 

The Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2022

These crucial strategies are sure to help you perfect next year’s digital marketing campaigns. So, let’s begin.

Powerful, Well Thought-Out Content Strategies

The one thing that drives marketing, attracts attention, and increases SEO ranking is quality content that’s engaging, informative, and unique. Without exciting and relevant content, you cannot meet your digital marketing goals. However, as everyone knows this secret, you need to keep switching and updating your brand’s content collateral.

So, the first thing you need to focus on is creating diversity in your content. Use your blog section to provide users with information about your products. Supply them with tips and guides on how to use your product to overcome their pain points.

An average online shopper reads 3 to 5 website blogs before making the first purchase. This means that high-quality and diversified content can go a long way in securing new customers and increasing conversion rates. Moreover, as your customers enjoy content on your website, they are more likely to want to hear from you and subscribe to your newsletter.

From there, you can keep up the content engagement level and make the customers loyal to your brand.

Videos That Delight & Engage

In 2022, people will prefer video content instead of text. They are more interested in watching videos in comparison to plain text and images. Moreover, video content is shared 1200% more than text and image content combined. Consider utilizing a free AI text-to-video generator that can effortlessly transform your written content into engaging videos.

As visual sensation is the primary source of obtaining information, it is no wonder people prefer video content over other types. So, start planning video content ideas to represent your brand. Some of the ideas you can use are tutorial videos, product description videos, and new product introduction videos.

Another way to gather video content ideas is by using social media platforms. You can engage with your audience to learn their likes and dislikes. Moreover, you can also create videos on ongoing agendas if they connect with your brand.

Live Events Conducted Online

Next year, one of the many strategies you should follow is hosting live events. Many social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have simplified hosting live events. In 2021, social media influencers frequently used live events to connect with and gain more followers.

So, ensure using this digital marketing strategy to keep your audience engaged and increase conversion rate. You can host webinars, conduct interviews with industry experts, offer live product demonstrations, host live giveaways, or host live sales. You can also host a live event on the trendy and hot topics of the month.

At the end of the live event, make sure to hold a Q&A session to interact with your audience directly. This way, you and your customers get to know each other personally. It also creates a bond between you and your customers that keeps them loyal.


Personalized content is the future of successful digital marketing. As shoppers are only interested in viewing their preferred content, they expect brands to create content that calls to their desires and needs.

Therefore, if you ignore creating personalized content for every customer, you risk losing a high amount of web traffic and previous customers. The key to creating a foolproof strategy is to understand your target audience. If you have no idea what your customers want, then your business will quickly lose customers.

So, take out surveys, invest in customer purchase tracking software, and engage with customers to learn their interests. Then direct your efforts toward meeting that criteria to increase the customer retention ratio.

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Social Media Reviews & Testimonials

Every nine out of ten customers trust reviews when buying a product. No customer wants to buy a defective product, so they look for reviews to determine its worth. However, the majority of customers do not trust reviews on official websites. As many businesses use fake reviews to attract customers, people look for and trust social media reviews.

So, the new strategy you must follow is to advertise social media reviews on your website and social media profiles. This way, people will have no doubt believing in the authenticity of your brand.

Sites Optimized For Voice Search

Voice search is still a new find in the technology world. However, this status will change in 2022 as the use of technology keeps rising. So, it is time to be proactive in planning voice search strategies.

However, you don’t need to replace your SEO rule book anytime soon. Instead, you can make an exceptional voice search strategy by tweaking your previous SEO strategies. The first rule is to create voice search-friendly content. This content is written in a conversational and engaging tone.  The best way to ensure that is to create content that resembles the replies of virtual assistants. To perfect your voice search strategy, follow these tips:

Conversational Keywords

It would be best to create new keywords because people don’t talk the way they type their queries in search engines. Most people usually only use the main words to obtain desired results, and due to SEO algorithms, they have no trouble finding correct results.

However, in voice search, people use common phrases. Therefore, you need to work on conversational keywords.

Informal Language

You must use informal language and common slang words if you want to excel in voice search. So, get in touch with your marketing head to learn what common phrases are frequently used for your brand and products. Your voice search must pick up all the relevant terms.

Virtual assistants connect users to your website on their search inquiry when you incorporate all the vital common phrases.


Most people use WH words to ask queries in voice search. Therefore, you must build FAQ pages that provide instant answers to those questions. If you use commonly asked phrases as your questions, the virtual assistant will show your page in the query result.

Local SEO For Targeted Audiences

With the decline in the pandemic, people are ready to use old ways of shopping. So, you need to check your local SEO strategies and check if they are up to date and adequately geofenced. People will instantly find your business with a location-based search if your local SEO strategies and geofencing are tuned.

Map, Location, Navigation, Symbol, Destination

Geofencing is a service that instantly triggers an action when an electronic device enters a specified area or set location. For example, adding your business to Google Business will immediately suggest your business to people in your area searching for similar services.

Many location-oriented searches are made to find an instant solution. So, if your brand is using updated geofencing and local SEO techniques, you will attract more web traffic and customers.

Hybrid Events That Hook People In

Hybrid events are another part of digital marketing’s future. 

You can host fanfares, festivals, charity events, webinars, workshops, and more, streaming them live on your website and social media profiles. This way, even those who can’t physically attend your event can become a part of it.

Hybrid events will make your customers feel important as you are streaming live for their sake. Moreover, this will also increase your web traffic.

After your event is over, you can share the clip on multiple platforms, and it will attract more attention to your brand. 

Push Notifications With Subscriber Permissions

Push notifications are not a new addition in the digital marketing area. But next year, it is increasing for two reasons.

  1. Email marketing is getting highly saturated, so it is harder to connect with the desired audience successfully.
  2. People are using their mobile phones more than ever for online brand searching.

Additionally, as the digital marketing competition and the brand ratio is climbing the ranks, people want a simple way to connect with their favorite and relevant brands. They allow push notifications so the brands can directly inform them of deals that might interest them.

As push notifications have 50% more chances of acquiring long-term customers, there is no doubt you should embrace this digital marketing strategy next year.

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AI Automation That Makes Marketing Easy

Since the rise of the pandemic, using robots in multiple industries has become an unavoidable necessity. Due to this reason, AI has gone through numerous advancements and is in no way going anywhere next year. So, instead of resisting change, use AI for your gains.

Therefore, use chatbots on your websites to quickly answer your customers and elevate the customer experience. When your customers leave your platform happy, they are more likely to return. In addition, AI helps you quickly calculate vast amounts of data to make sound business decisions.

In Conclusion

Digital marketing and SEO is an ever-evolving platform. Therefore, you need to change your digital marketing strategies every year. This article has disclosed the must-follow strategies for digital marketers getting ready to rule 2022. So, start working on them now to have a successful marketing year.

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