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Why Shopify Plus B2B Platform Trending in Every Industry?


If you are into B2B brick-and-mortar business and probably spending time to find out which is the right platform for your online store. You are at the right place. The article defines one of the most suited solutions for major eCommerce businesses, yes you might be right. It’s about Shopify plus. 

The rising popularity of Shopify Plus B2B makes it a powerful tool for every concern. Therefore, the platform is supporting more than 841,000 stores in the US and 1 million in 175 countries. The statistics raise no questions about the success of Shopify. 

Further, the award-winning records of Shopify build more users’ trust in one of the most fashionable platforms. If you are looking, what is interesting about Shopify plus? Wait, here we will discuss interesting features of the B2B shopping platform, but before that, you must know how Shopify works?

How Does The Shopify Ecommerce Platform Work?

Most people believe that Shopify is just an eCommerce site that is used for online shop making or completing POS transactions. Indeed, Shopify plus development company calls it a service program that charges customers for technology usage.

Once the user sign-up with Shopify plus, it allows users to build an online store, manage inventory, process payment, fulfill orders, and much more. You can personalize software features such as the checkout process to give it a modern appearance. One can start creating an online store from scratch or migrate from other platforms like big commerce, Magento, or woocommerce. 

Shopify also believes in a perfect choice to boost your sales funnel. The attractive features and interactive interface helps newbies to convert leads into sales. 

Important Shopify Plus B2B Features 

  1. Easy Management

Shopify plus is embedded with all the modern features, but the one which is highly appreciated is its convenience to use. A merchant with zero coding or software knowledge can use this platform effectively. One can easily keep eyes on stock, generate reports, check customer information, and a lot more from the admin panel. Adding details on fewer clicks can accomplish your task by adding items, controlling inventory, or processing orders in less time. 

  1. Scalability

Checking platform scalability is one of the major concerns for businesses. It lets the users decide long-term business policies. Thankfully, Shopify plus has all the essential features and functions to develop an effective online store. Users can set high sales and business standards regardless of keeping a number of transactions in mind. Even the server can manage a huge amount of traffic and e-commerce transactions. 

Payment and customer information safety is a sensitive issue for every organization. But if you have a safe server that can prevent such information from stealing, you will feel secure and can focus on other relevant business decisions. 

  1. Franchise Business Model

If you want to open up new business Frenchies and are looking for a way to share an online platform, then Shopify Plus is the right choice for you. The plethora of features like POS act as an aid for business growth. In addition, Shopify allows merchants to operate several stores at an organizational level. Apart from this, the plethora of business models helps new companies to grow faster. 

  1. App Integrations

Shopify plus is a well-known platform for its robust applications. The marketplace has more than 1500 apps that are reviewed and tested by Shopify. Therefore you can feel free to trust and use them. 

Some of the integrated apps help in:

  • Customer service
  • Marketing promotions 
  • Inventory Management
  • Accepting B2B orders

Users can also take advantage of increased API call numbers to build an online store. Choosing a professional Shopify web development company can be a wise decision. 

  1. Payment Options

Streamlining the payment and checkout process for repeated customers is one of the most sought-after features of this platform. It saves time from adding payment history, delivery details, and generating bills. Platforms that don’t save customers’ information or where customers have to add details every time lead to a reduced conversion rate. But Shopify boosts your conversation rate and reduces frictions. 

Shopify provides more payment options such as PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Amazon Payments, Apple Pay, or Google Pay, etc. to minimize conflicts and increase conversions. Apart from this, there are more than 70 additional payment gateways available. Most of them charge no transaction fees or other charges. 

  1. Anywhere Selling

Shopify’s website management and extensive automation features allow you to sell goods and services anywhere, anytime, and to anybody. Users can automate many aspects of the platform, such as inventory availability, finding profit margins, conducting backups, and much more. Due to this business model, a vast community of Shopify plus B2B platform users is glad to manage accounts through smartphone apps. The whole concept gives power to the user’s hand. 

  1. Marketing Tools

Another persuasive reason to use Shopify for B2B is tons of marketing tools and methods make the app more appealing for beginners and experienced users. One can use various marketing activities on the Shopify dashboard that helps to build and monitor advertising campaigns. Hence, you can run successful campaigns on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, where millions of customers might be waiting for your project.

  1.  In-Depth Store Insights

Advance eCommerce platform features such as critical assessment of effective marketing campaigns via email or SMS help the team to find in-depth information. You can also develop real-time result evaluation, develop strategies, collect reports or generate reports on sales activities. 

The list of features does not end here, there are lots of more items pending to be listed, such as 24*7 customer support and SEO friendly. Live chat or email assistance can instantly accomplish your project. In addition, valuable posts on the internet, videos, and tutorials also improve your business asset life and experience. 


Shopify gives countless opportunities to prominent merchants and brands to expand their niche. These features are tested by Shopify plus experts before launching in the market. Therefore you can fully rely on them and start building online businesses. 

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