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A Guide To Increase Your Brand Value Using Facebook Automation in 2022


The history of brand value takes place back in the 1950s. It was the time when the business success was based solely on the quality and value of the product itself. 

However, the next phase of business development saw an advertising boom. It led to the necessity of showing companies brand identity in the first place. The brand identity brought a wide range of brand values to the business as well. 

Do these brand values play a critical role for business today?


And there is a high need to increase brand value for all costs. 

In this guide, you will find out how to increase brand value using Facebook automation in 2022. 

Let’s start!

The Basics of Brand Value

It won’t be hard to guess what brand value is. Brand value stands for how much your brand would cost if you decided to sell it. 

How can you see it in practice?

For instance, a business owner decided to buy your company. This deal supposes that the new company will use everything that belongs to you – product, brand’s name, website, logo, and so on. 

Therefore, the brand value of your company will be the amount of money this businessman has to pay for all mentioned components of the company. 

From another standpoint, brand value is the amount of money a businessman has to invest in a new brand. All these investments might include:

  • brand design (changing brand logo working with top designers)
  • website design (buying premium templates to make the site looks better)
  • execution (hiring new team members who would be able to execute the process of work)
  • promotion (invest money in a brand promotion)

Sometimes people confuse brand value with brand equity. They think that brand equity has the same functions as brand value. It is not as it might seem. 

Brand equity is a part of brand value. It’s true. It is one of the factors that influence brand value. However, brand equity estimates how your customers are happy with your brand and whether they are loyal.

The only thing that you should realize is that your brand can have its value without equity. 


It happens during the pre-release phase of the product. The thing is that the business owner invests money into brand development right before future customers will see it. 

How to measure brand value? 

The brand value measures the financial worth of the company. Thus, you can estimate it with the help of other companies. Create a survey and ask companies how they would financially rate your brand if they had an intention to buy it. 

To build your brand value, you will have to focus on the following:

  • Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies serve to make the process of moving potential customers down the marketing funnel. 

The standard marketing funnel consists of four stages – awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion. Brand value starts working at the very first stage by spreading the word about your brand. It establishes the brand in the mind of your target audience. It helps create a brand community around your business

Eventually, marketing strategies raise the overall brand value of your company. 

  • Partnership

Partnership with niche-related influencers can help boost your brand value drastically. Just imagine how your brand value can increase if your company has built awareness with the help of notable influencers within the niche.

  • Customer experience

Because brand equity is connected to brand value, any company should take care of it as well. Thus, if you want to make your customers satisfied with your brand, you should provide them with excellent customer support. 

Customer experience plays a fundamental role in how your customers would treat your brand. A happy customer will reward your company with loyalty. 

But what about increasing brand value with the help of Facebook automation? 

Keep on reading, and you will find out!

The Principles of Facebook Automation Work

The word “automation” might sound terrifying to some people. The first thing that sparks in mind is that “automation” refers to technical difficulties. 

Fortunately, “automation” means using specific software or tools that will help you with your marketing efforts. In the case of Facebook, automation embraces the following actions:

  • Leaving comments
  • Licking and sharing pages, images, statuses across the accounts
  • Inviting people to events
  • Accepting/rejecting friend requests
  • Inviting people to events
  • Accepting/rejecting friend requests

Additionally, Facebook campaign optimization can also be automated with advanced PPC automation software.

Automation provides you with the element of human presence for your social activity on Facebook. Even though, all the processes are held by a bot. 

Facebook automation makes the life of your brand much better. Nevertheless, there are still drawbacks you should be aware of. 

Pros and Cons of Facebook Automation for Brand Value

It would be fair to ask what benefits your brand value can get by increasing it with Facebook automation. Let’s find out then!

  • Facebook automation saves time

The most straightforward benefit of Facebook automation is the time it allows you to save. You can focus on other more important marketing tasks instead of liking posts or leaving comments on Facebook. Rather than bother yourself with the social activities on Facebook, you can promote content or conduct outreach.

  • Your brand is available 24/7

When the brand is available to the audience around the clock, it will get more traction and loyalty from customers. Moreover, it should take into account the difference in time zones. 

If your customer doesn’t receive a reply to the question in a blink of an eye, it will lead to the customer’s bounce. Thus, automation helps handle communication with customers and potential leads 24/7.


  • It helps create brand visibility

The more people follow your brand on Facebook, the more brand recognition your company gets. Consequently, you must create a brand presence and engage with the followers. Facebook automation helps your page be more visible. 

Facebook automation has drawbacks as well. Thus, let’s review them one by one. 

  • Robot tone of the conversation

Facebook automation can’t imitate the tone of a real-life person who handles a live chat. As a rule, automation provides users with basic replies and suggests getting in touch with a manager. What’s more important, answers to the questions are the same people can find by exploring the FAQ section on the website. 

For example, a user has some specific questions about the ad maker. A chatbot will provide basic information that covers the main aspect and features of the tool. 

For more detailed answers the user will be suggested to get in touch with a manager. 

  • Meaningful customer interaction

Social channels have been created for people to interact with each other. The best part of a digital social world is direct communication. Unfortunately, the business has erased this line. 

The sales funnel software turned customer interaction into a meaningful process. All these auto likes and comments create an artificial approach to how the brand earns the loyalty of the followers. Consequently, users feel the absence of human touch and unfollow the brand. 

Facebook automation should serve as an additional help but not as a driving force. 

A Few Tips on How to Use Facebook Automation for Increasing Brand Value

To increase brand value with the help of Facebook automation you should walk the line – provide users with real-time interaction and save time using automation. 

Here are a few tips on how to find this balance that would help the growth of brand value.

  • Create a posting schedule

There is no better way in building awareness for your brand than to create high-quality content. Content should reach out to a wider audience constantly. 

What’s more important, you must take care of scheduling all your business activities daily. Therefore, make sure you use any scheduling software in practice.

Hence, to share it on Facebook you should schedule the posts and let them be posted automatically. To call the interest to your content, you should participate in the comment discussions. 

  • Launch ads

Facebook automation allows you to create ads. Also, Facebook’s ad platform has a wide range of options that help customize the ads to the greatest possible extent. 

And if you worry about losing money – don’t worry! Thanks to the high level of ad targeting, you can be sure that your ads will be in front of your potential customers. 

  • Use smart chatbots 

Messenger chatbots from Facebook have entered the game when brand owners started to communicate with their audience using this social channel. The bots help brands respond to users’ queries in a real-time manner. 

The majority of chatbots work the same, providing users with generic answers to their questions. However, if you care about user experience and want to increase brand value, you should choose smart bots. Here are some of them – Evernote, Kayak, Dominos.

Does Facebook Automation Matter to Brand Value?

The level of brand value depends on how well you have built awareness around the brand. Facebook is one of the social channels that can help your brand gain exposure. 

As has been already mentioned, Facebook automation aims to help you save time and concentrate on more important aspects of promotion. It happens thanks to the posting schedule and messenger bots. 

Other than that, automation works on creating conditions that would allow you to know your followers better. And running ads increases the reach of your brand to more potential customers. 

All these Facebook automation activities are focused on increasing brand value. 

To Conclude

Brand value is the metric that needs to have a steady growth. It is a part of the business you run. And you can never know the twist of fate. 

Maybe you will have to sell your brand one day. Who knows. 

Doesn’t matter how things will turn out. The matter is the real value of your brand. 

You have got familiar with the basics of brand value along with tips on how to increase it using Facebook automation. If you think the post lacks some actionable tactics, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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