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Find Out On Your Own What Fonts Are Brands Using

what font

I will show you how to find out on your own what fonts are brands using.

Stop searching the information on the internet, the method I will show you is much faster, it is absolutely free, and you can use it to find out what fonts is any brand using, not just the biggest and most popular.

Why find out what fonts are big companies using?

For sure some of us are just curious to find out what fonts are companies using, but among us there are also plenty of web designers, marketers, web developers, bloggers, and other people that are constantly looking for fresh new fonts, and of course, for inspiration.

And it works excellent.

Why search the internet for new fonts, 99% of the times I search them on the web, I get the very same results.

I don’t want to use the fonts that the whole world use, I want the very best fonts, that big companies and corporation’s use.

Here is what you need to do to find out what fonts are brands using

I already said that you don’t need to pay for the method that I will present you.

And other great thing is that you don’t need to register or to write your contact details.

The name of this solution is WhatFontIs.

It is a web tool which uses AI (artificial intelligence) to identify fonts from pictures.

And it looks like this.

Why WhatFontIs is the tool that I recommend?

The very first reason is very simple, WhatFontIs is the only font identifier software that really works.

The second reason is that WhatFontIs is the only font software that identifies both free and paid fonts, not just paid fonts.

And it works with all font foundries, including Google fonts.

Third reason is that WhatFontIs has the largest font database in the industry, with over 850k commercial and free fonts.   

WhatFontIs is absolutely free to use, no matter how many fonts you identify from pictures, and it works at its maximum capacity even with the free forever plan.

The platform is very simple to use, quick, and efficient.

I will show you how to use it.

How to use WhatFontIs to identify fonts from pictures

To identify fonts from pictures with WhatFontIs is very simple and the whole process takes under 60 seconds.

Step 1 – Take a picture of the font you like. You can make a screenshot with your computer software, or take a picture with your mobile phone. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

Step 2 – Go to and upload the picture.

Step 3 – Crop the picture to select the font you like.

Step 4 – Optimize the picture if needed.

Step 5 – Write down the letters identified by the software. If you register (100% free), the software will automatically write the letters down for you.

This is all you need to do.

Now you will get the following information:

– Name of the font

– Free or paid

– Price

– Where to get it from, including download link

– 60+ free and similar fonts – this is a super nice feature as there will be times when you will identify expensive fonts, and with this feature the software will show you very similar fonts that are much cheaper or even free.

Try right now to identify a font that you like, no matter where you saw it – on a computer, phone, on a bus, on a wall, on a product packaging, etc.


Once you use WhatFontIs and you see how simple it is to identify all the fonts you like, you will never stop.

It is super useful to know what fonts are brands using, but also any other company.

When I see a font I like, I always identify it and save it to my own collection for later use.

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