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How To Get A High Converting Website In 2022

high converting website

Do you know how to get a high-converting website in 2022?

What route will you pick?

Will you use a website builder, or will you hire a professional agency to help you with their strong knowledge, design skills and experience?

Both ways have pluses and minuses; we will discuss each solution, but before that let’s see what is makes a high-converting website.

What is a high-converting website?

Basically, a high-converting website is exactly as the words say – a website that is great at converting.

As you see, the definition doesn’t necessarily relate to the website design or functionality.

So, you can have a high-converting website that is ugly, and which was made in a few minutes with a free website builder.

That is possibly true, but usually that is not the case of how high-converting websites were created.

What is the most important element of a high-converting website?

The most important element of a high-converting website is the value proposition.

If your website has a very strong value proposition, all the other elements (relevance, clarity, urgency, design, navigation, etc.) are not as relevant.

That is why you will still see “ugly” websites that convert well.

These websites break all the rules, but even so they convert in ways most of us can only imagine.

How is that possible?

It is simple, that happens because some of these “ugly” websites have a very strong proposition.

So it often doesn’t matter how the website looks and feels, as long as it has a strong value proposition. 

I would not recommend that however, as it is best to take care of all the elements of your website and maximize your chances for success.

So, let’s discuss about the 2 ways of getting a high-converting website in 2022.

Using a website builder to get a high-converting website

There are many website builders out there, some of them being quite good.

The website builders that are super easy to use are usually very basic and you cannot do everything you might want.

If you are looking for a professional website builder, like Webflow, you will need to know what you are doing.

What is great to website builders is:

– Free or great price

– Easy to use if you have the experience

– Quick

– Great for testing new business ideas right away

– Templates can be useful in some cases

But these things are not so great:

– These builders let you create basic website design and functionalities.

– Very hard to massively edit templates.

– Websites are not really so custom.

– Professional builders are extremely hard to use without web design knowledge and skills.

– Nobody tells you what design rules to respect, they expect you to pick a template that the whole world uses and edit it with your content.

– You will have to do your logo, content, photography, videos, SEO, marketing, and the rest.

Hiring a professional web design company to craft your high-converting custom website

get a high converting website

If you hire a professional web design company like AMG Web Design Auckland (one of the best international boutique companies that create high-converting websites), things will work flawlessly. 

The team has 18+ years of experience in website design and they will help you with much more than just the website:

  • Custom Web Design & Development
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Hosting & Domain Registration
  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Graphic Design & Printing
  • In-House Photography & Video
  • Ongoing Free Support

When you work with a website design company like AMG Web Design Auckland, a team of experts will take care of your project from A to Z, making sure everything is perfect.

In the price you pay, you will get their many years of experience in crafting custom high-converting websites, plus you will also get the branding and logo, the graphics, the photos and videos, the SEO and the digital marketing, as well as secure affordable hosting.

This is a complete package of services that will maximize your chances to make your website successful. 


Less than 1% of the created websites have such a strong value proposition that the website elements don’t matter. 

In this case, a website builder is more than enough.

But if you are not in that 1%, you should hire Web Design Auckland and work with them to get a high-converting website.

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