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How to Create a Messenger with the nandbox App Builder?

In 2021, 3 billion people worldwide communicated through instant messaging apps. People of all ages can connect more easily thanks to chat apps, as even the older generations are getting on the bandwagon. Because it requires developing a native app, creating a messenger app is more tricky than other app categories. However, it is not an issue with the nandbox no-code drag-and-drop app builder, as it allows you to create a native app made for a platform specifically. This blog post will show you the features available for nandbox users to build a messenger app.

Core Features of a Messenger App

Built-in Messenger

A built-in messenger allows your users to text and share multimedia files. It also shows the users a list of their recent one-to-one chats and the group chats made on your app. With this feature, users can do many functions, like:

1) Chat

2) Recall/delete Messages

3) Edit messages

4) Make audio or video call

5) View user profiles, last seen status, and read recipient

6) Share locations

7) Customize app sounds and vibrations

Video or Audio Call

video call

Your messenger app can be used for more than just texting. A video or audio call is a feature that allows seamless calling between app users. It allows users to do the following:

1) Make voice and video calls from the call log.

2) Switch from video to audio calls, and vice versa.

4) Mute or unmute the microphone during calls and turn the speaker on or off

5) Make calls from your app with Bluetooth accessories.

6) Play a tone when the user starts a call connection and get notified with a tone after establishing connectivity

7) Maximize and minimize their video call window and carry out other tasks while a call is running on your app.

To cite from one of our articles:

You can also use (the nandbox messenger) to make high-quality audio and video calls. The implementation of WebRTC technology is the reason why the call quality is excellent. WebRTC allows for advanced features and powerful voice and video communication. Moreover, the nandbox server has a high bandwidth for better signalling and maximum connection capacity.

Chat Groups

A feature that you can use for different app categories but are also useful to create a chat app, like a community, e-commerce, or school app. Chat groups allow up to 50,000 members per group. Chat groups are customizable and can be public or private. Some modules can be added for members to track their chats and groups, like a chat list, a group list, and a user list. The chat groups have the same features as the built-in messenger, in addition to the option that allows admins to ban users. People can join groups through link invitations or by scanning QR codes.

Interactive Channels

Channels help businesses entertain their customers and clients and receive feedback privately. Users can also like the messages, and the admins will get views and like counts. You can add messages, images, videos, and files, with the option of targeting and segmentation. Like groups, you can include modules like channel list, user channel list, and active channel list. And you can have multiple admins who can manage and ban users. Users can subscribe to groups or channels on your app by scanning invitation QR codes.

With the features listed above, you can learn how to create a messenger app that includes the essential components that make chat apps popular. Sign up now!

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