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Know the 12 Best WordPress Plugins for 2023 

WordPress plugins

Are You Looking for the best WordPress plugins? 

With over 60,000 WordPress plugins available in the WordPress directory, it’s obvious to get confused. 

And the point is not all WordPress plugins are free with the Managed WordPress hosting. Thus, making the wrong decision can put you at risk. 

However, it’s essential to choose the right set of plugins for your WordPress site. And once you built your site you will also need WordPress cloud hosting.In this article, we have listed down the popular plugins for WordPress in 2023.

Top 12 WordPress Plugins for 2023 

Here we have listed the 10 best WordPress plugins. 

1. Elementor 


Elementor is one of the ideal WordPress plugins for page building. As it offers a drag-and-drop functionality making it easy for users to customize their pages and posts in no time. 

Additionally, this plugin offers 100+ premade page templates that help you create any website. 

2. WP Rocket 

wp rocket

Want to make your WordPress website faster? WP Rocket helps you to improve the website’s performance by offering super-fast loading times, lower latency and bounce rate without requiring any technical skills. 

And the best part is that the installation of this plugin is easy. You can install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website. It helps to cache pages, optimize your website and turn on the gzip compression. 

3. Wordfence 

Wordfence protects your WordPress site from online attackers. It is done by the endpoint firewall that identifies and blocks the malicious traffic. 

With the Wordfence firewall and security scanner your WordPress site is safe, and you keep getting security alerts. 


AIOSEO is one of the most powerful WordPress SEO toolkit plugins which comes with numerous features. It checks the meta descriptions, links, keyphrases and content length. 

Based on this, it gives the overall SEO score and provides suggestions to improve the same. 

5. WP Mail SMTP – The Best Newsletter Plugin

WP mail

One of the effective ways of brand promotion is through plugins. WP Mail SMTP plugin is one of the best email subscription plugins like Mailchimp for WordPress. 

It will help you to send emails to the subscriber list of your marketing campaigns. 

6. LiveChat: The Best Chat Support Plugin 


Live chat is one of the most convenient and easy ways to interact with customers. It supports visitors who need quick answers to questions. 

Features of LiveChat:

Message Sneak-Peek: Reply fast with a preview of what the customer is typing. 

Rich Messages: Send buttons, cards, instant replies and other features. 

7. LiteSpeed Cache:

litespeed cache

Website caching is essential to offer the best performance, and LiteSpeed cache is one of the must-have WordPress plugins. 

The plugin is easy to use and offers a simple interface to manage the website cache and advanced caching features.

With caching tools for boosting the speed of your website, this plugin also includes an optimization feature for minifying the javascript and CSS files. 

8. PushEngage: Push Notification Plugin

push engage

PushEnagage is an ideal WordPress plugin for boosting sales on your website through push notifications.

Once you have installed this plugin, you can send personalized, triggered push notifications and more. Also, with this, customers will stay on your website for a longer time, thereby reducing the bounce rate. 

9. bbPress: Best Forum Plugin

bbPress is a free and lightweight WordPress forum plugin. It integrates with WordPress easily. Likewise, you can easily start a forum with this plugin without investing much of your time. 

The admin area of the forum is accessible from the WordPress admin page. Also, its interface is simple and user-friendly for managing user accounts and different forums. 

10. UpdraftPlus 

Thousands of websites get hacked every day. When you wisely consider the fact that WordPress powers around 30% of the total sites on the internet, you can see how the websites might get targeted. 

However, some parts of your website might stop working due to minor errors. A backup can save you from headaches. This is where the must-have WordPress backup plugin UpdraftPlus comes into the picture. Numerous backup plugins are available, but just a few are as powerful as the UpdraftPlus. 

By having this plugin on your website, you can easily take backups and be safe.

11. WooCommerce 

WooCommerce is a great option if you want to build an online store in WordPress. With this, you can start selling anything, anywhere online. 

Also, WooCommerce offers numerous features like versatile and safe payment gateways, on-the-go order management and more. With WooCommerce, you can give a head start on your very own online store running smoothly. To build a storefront with WooCommerce and WordPress, make sure to use a WooCommerce-compatible WordPress theme. 

12. Weglot 

If you want to translate your website into other languages, the Weglot plugin is a good-to-go option. It automatically translates websites into 100+ languages. 

This plugin also offers post-editing tools, allowing you to make the correct changes to the translations. Weglot automatically redirects your audience to the language based on their browser settings. 

Final Words 

Adding functionalities and features to your WordPress website is easy. All thanks to the different plugins available. You need to pick a plugin that suits your requirements the best. There is no limit to how many WordPress plugins you can add to your website. 

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