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Transform Your WordPress BuddyPress Community Website with an iOS and Android App


Cultivating a robust online community hub is a pivotal strategy to connect with kindred spirits and nurture active participation.

If you’re already harnessing the prowess of ThemeREX themes like Anesta, Micro Office, or Alliance to fuel your community-driven website, you’re already on a remarkable trajectory. But imagine propelling your community to unprecedented heights by fashioning it into a sleek, efficient iOS and Android app.

This is precisely where the dynamic collaboration between AncoraThemes and Zipline steps in, offering an extraordinary avenue to elevate your online presence.

Unveiling Your Bespoke Community App

An app isn’t just an add-on; it’s an indispensable instrument to heighten user experience and sustain active community involvement. Zipline, an avant-garde app platform, has united forces with AncoraThemes to provide a feature-laden app tailor-made to suit your requirements. Here’s a glimpse into the trove of advantages this integration holds.

Device Notifications

Device Notifications

Ensure your community members stay in the loop through well-timed notifications. Whether it’s fresh posts, updates, or announcements, device notifications ensure your platform remains at the forefront of users’ minds.

Community Cohesion

Your iOS and Android app seamlessly extends the potential of community groups. Members can post, engage in discussions, and stay abreast of updates, all while reveling in a fluid app experience. And that’s not all; they can even spawn new groups directly from within the app.

Real-Time Chat

Introducing Your Community App: Elevate Engagement and Interactions

Nothing infuses vitality into a community quite like live interactions. Thanks to a real-time chat feature akin to WhatsApp, your members can partake in animated discussions and remain plugged into the community chatter thanks to app notifications.

Tailored Aesthetics

Your app faithfully mirrors your brand’s ethos. Personalized home icons, launch screens, login interfaces, and in-app design components render your app an authentic embodiment of your community.

Member Pages

Empower every community constituent to articulate themselves using robust communication tools, fostering connections and interactions between members.

The Potent Alchemy of Transformational Fusion

Transform Your Community with an App

The synergy of Zipline’s expertise with ThemeREX’s themes has the potential to metamorphose your community platform into a potent app. This partnership ensures your app aligns seamlessly with your distinct requisites and preferences. The accomplished Zipline team, well-versed in Anesta, WordPress, and BuddyPress, ensures the integration harmonizes flawlessly with these platforms while optimizing third-party plugins to maximize functionality.

Anesta Community Suite: Your Holistic Resolution

For those embarking on their Anesta journey, the Anesta Community Suite provides an all-encompassing solution to kickstart your community endeavors. With this suite, you unlock:

  • An Anesta-empowered website featuring the latest iteration of WordPress and seamless BuddyPress integration. 
  • Adept professionals handle configuration and setup. 
  • Zipline’s ensemble of community plugins for augmented functionality. 
  • Customizable attributes that empower both your website and app. 
  • An exclusive iOS and Android app meticulously aligned with your website’s essence.

WordPress Admin Hub

Managing your community website and app has always been more effortful. The WordPress Admin Hub offers a user-intuitive interface to oversee all facets of your platform. With advanced administrative tools, fortified security protocols, and consistent updates, you’re armed to spearhead and expand your community with unwavering assurance.

Unwavering Hosting and Bespoke Development

Zipline guarantees your community’s digital abode boasts top-tier hosting services—secure, responsive, and universally accessible. Furthermore, their Custom Development service tailors itself to your distinct needs, empowering you to tailor your website, app, or both to align seamlessly with your community’s ambitions.

Your Unique Community Ecosystem: Crafting Your Vision

Leverage the potency of Zipline’s Custom Community Development Service to sculpt tailored components for your platform. This service empowers you to steer your community’s evolution trajectory from quintessential attributes to prospective enhancements.

Constructing with Certainty

Your BuddyPress-powered website forms the bedrock of your community. With WordPress, BuddyPress, Anesta, and Zipline’s suite of software and services, you possess a robust foundation. This amalgamation accelerates your time-to-market, provides core functionalities right out of the box, and trims expenditure.

Transparent Proposals and Pragmatic Pricing

Zipline’s steadfast commitment to transparency shines through in its fixed-price proposal system. Every Custom Development endeavor, regardless of scope, is underpinned by a jargon-free proposal, assuring you’re fully apprised of your investment.

The Community Ensemble: Unleash the Spectrum of Potential

By embracing the Community Ensemble, you’re not merely availing a 15% markdown but also unlocking an array of tools and attributes honed through years of experience. From tailor-made websites and iOS/Android apps to advanced CMS capabilities, community clusters, hosting, design finesse, onboarding provisions, messaging systems, and beyond, this ensemble furnishes you with the tools and understanding to cultivate a thriving digital community with unparalleled ease. 

  • Custom Website. Transform your online presence with a custom-designed website tailored to your community’s unique needs and identity.
  • iOS and Android App. Extend your reach and engage your community members on their preferred mobile platforms with our native iOS and Android app development services.
  • Advanced CMS. Manage and curate your content effortlessly with our advanced Content Management System, ensuring your community stays up-to-date and relevant.
  • Community Groups. Facilitate meaningful interactions and connections within your community through well-organized and user-friendly group features.
  • Hosting. Reliable and secure hosting solutions to keep your website and app running smoothly, even during traffic spikes.
  • Design and Layout. Craft a visually stunning and intuitive user experience with our professional design and layout services.
  • Onboarding. Ensure your members get the best start with seamless onboarding processes and support.
  • Messaging. Foster communication and collaboration with in-app messaging tools that keep your members engaged.
  • Activity Feed. Keep your community informed and entertained with an engaging activity feed highlighting the latest updates and interactions.
  • Widgets. Customizable widgets to enhance the functionality and appeal of your community website and app.
  • Member Pages. Empower your community members with personalized member pages, allowing them to showcase their profiles and contributions.
  • FAQs. Provide essential information and support to your community through FAQs and other user-friendly resources.
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The synergy between ThemeREX and Zipline unfurls avenues to metamorphose your community-fueled website into an immersive iOS and Android app. With bespoke aesthetics, seamless amalgamation, and a treasure trove of functionalities, you’re poised to amplify your community’s resonance and furnish members with an enriched experience. Whether taking your first steps with Anesta or seeking to evolve a preexisting platform, the Anesta Community Suite and Zipline’s offerings are ready to equip you with the tools and expertise to escalate your digital community to unprecedented heights.

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