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Power Elite Featured Author: Meet AncoraThemes!

Henry Rise

What are you proud of today? What are you happy about in your life? Maybe you’ve passed your first goal weight or made progress on your Korean? Anyway, focusing on the good things will bring more of it in your life.

Some people prefer to work individually while others in teams. Both have its advantages and disadvantages. Anyway, there’s a power in a group of people who work together toward a shared goal. Working as a team pays off handsomely for many projects. For that reason, AncoraThemes deserves to be seen as a great example of teamwork that creates the future.

Enjoy an excerpt of Henry’s interview below.

That’s how the things started. We’ve uploaded several products on Envato the other day, and the one that succeeded was…funeral bureau. You know the feeling, right? And the best part about it is that it’s selling pretty for a micro-niche theme.

The most challenging thing about our work is indeed waiting for sales. The truth is, it all depends on the day, really. Naturally, one day follows another but no two are alike. We really hate days when the market goes all quiet for some reason. You know what, sometimes it’s hard to believe in good things.

Still, it’s not over. Thanks to great people like Steven Hawking or nick Vujicic, it’s much easier to keep our eyes on the mountaintop. Thus, persistence and concentration can help us get motivated. Well, it doesn’t take long to spoil everything. On the way to a successful portfolio, it’s important to honor the principles of Envato and the WordPress community. That’s it. And we’re really grateful for what Envato market has given us at the moment.

Ancora Themes Team

Collective brainstorming of ThemeREX and AxiomThemes benefit greatly from sharing challenges and ideas. We are partners and one big team. I feel so proud and encouraged that Envato spread the word out about our achievements. So, no rest, just continue growing together.

Feel free to enjoy the original article shared by Envato. That’s what we are proud of today. So, what about you?

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