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Netmix – Broadband and Telecom WordPress Theme

Broadband & Telecom WordPress Theme

Take a look at Netmix a Broadband and Telecom WordPress theme that is perfect for Internet provider companies, telecommunication services, wide bandwidth data transmission organizations, corporate telephone lines, and even cable television stores. 

It is designed in a reserved professional style that puts an accent on your content. Netmix has got you covered whether you intend on building a presentation for your Internet provider company, create an online store for your television products or even if you just want to create a site about the latest technologies. 

Regardless of the aim of your website, Netmix will make all of your ideas easily come to life. With it, you’ll be able to draw all the required attention to your business and even start selling your items online if you decide to. 

You can easily implement Netmix on your own website. The installation process is extremely simplistic and the functionality you receive in the package allows you to turn the boldest of your ideas into reality. You’ll be able to create the ideal website with various layouts, plugins and countless options, all of which are easily usable even if you have zero previous experience with web development. 

4 Home Page Variants 

4 Home Page Variants

Netmix comes packaged with a variety of pre-made homepage designs in order to let you concentrate entirely on your content. It is made fully responsive, so your site will be perfectly viewable not only from desktop computers but also any kind of handheld devices. 

Turn Your Website into an Online Store with WooCommerce


In case your goal is creating an online store, Netmix comes fully integrated with WooCommerce, the plugin that makes it not only possible but also easily done. It will make making purchases on your site feel natural and seamless with intuitive product search, pricing range, a variety of filters, categories and payment options. Whether you want your online store to be the center of your website or just a nice addition to your content, WooCommerce provides you with all the required functionality to do it.

A Number of Outstanding Galleries

Presenting your services visually is even more important than providing all of the textual information. So, the theme comes integrated with Essential Grid, an amazing plugin that gives you access to a number of beautiful galleries like grid, masonry, and cobbles to instantly win over the trust of your visitors and encourage them to use your services. You also get complete control over the galleries’ looks thanks to a neat options panel that houses all the options required for customizing things like spacing, shadows, and animations. 

Revolution Slider

Revolution Slider is one of the most popular plugins for a reason. It’s an amazing tool for showcasing your products, services, testimonials and basically anything that you can think of. Customize it with text, buttons, shapes and other elements and create a truly perfect presentation for your business. 

Integration with Elementor

Elementor is one of the most important plugins ever created, giving you complete freedom over the look of your template. Its visual drag & drop interface allows you to easily change even the tiniest of your site’s elements by simply clicking your mouse a couple of times. With it, you never have to touch a single line of code, which means you can use the plugin to its fullest potential even if it’s your first time seeing it. 

Build Custom Headers and Footers

Even though headers & footers aren’t in the center of your user’s attention most of the time, those areas are still absolutely vital for the well-being of any website. There might not be any impressive content or stunning sliders there, but there’s still plenty of important information. Like your contact information, address, links to your social media profiles and things of the like. So, make sure to keep your headers & footers as straightforward as possible. 

Edit those in Elementor’s visual interface and be sure to take advantage of the implemented header & footer-specific elements included in the package. 

Multiple Blog Layouts

Running a blog supplementing your content is always a good idea, so Netmix comes loaded with a number of pre-made blog layouts, all of which are easily customizable and can be used to better engage your audience and share the most interesting of your information. The inclusion of a Live WP Customizer allows you to tweak all of the on-screen elements and see the results instantly, without even having to reload your page.

All in All

Netmix is a professional template that comes loaded with all the necessary functionality to launch an outstanding presentation for your telecommunications business or even an online store dealing in gadgets. Its sleek professional design doesn’t distract your users from your content and gives your business a feeling of professionalism and competence. It features lots of advanced options and is extremely easy to use even for beginners.

Set up your site with it without spending heaps of time and resources. You don’t even need to know any code to get it running. Create the perfect profitable online presentation of your business with Netmix

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