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Why Online Store Owners Prefer Migrating to Shopify

shopify online store

Nearly every business today has marked a strong presence in the digital world with so many platforms offering the services to create a website in accordance with the needs of the owner. These platform developers are working closely with the store owner to create a website that can show what the business really wants to deliver.

Maintaining an eCommerce website for the online sale of your products requires you to make many good choices. And the most important one is to select your website’s eCommerce platform.

Choosing your eCommerce platform to host your website for online sales directly affects your e-shop’s user experience, performance, sales, and profitability. And that’s why you need to have a perfect eCommerce platform.

Here are some of Shopify’s features which are the reasons behind the migration of online stores to Shopify :


The most benefit from this feature is a busy and loaded business website. This service software (SaaS) is fully flexible and has proven to be 99.9 percent uptime and handled 4 million hits per second. Besides, the platform has the ability to create a website that can handle approximately 10,000 checkouts per minute. Shopify allows you to concentrate on your new clients. While they assure you’re not going to have to worry about your growing business and visitors performance. You can easily upgrade your service package when the need arises.

Thus, when under the pressure of a large number of visitors, a Shopify site will work perfectly well.


One thing that’s off the hook is that under the Shopify security system, any fraudulent activity is hard to take place or go unnoticed. Dedicated SSL certificate is customers ‘ assurance that their data will be secure on the website. It also includes compliance measures and techniques for fraud detection to keep hackers off the hook.


Hosting and Managing

Shopify is hosts your online store. All you need to do is create a Shopify account and start your website. It ensures the best uptime, page load speed and excellent performance of your website. People sometimes tend to migrate to Shopify because they are probably too tired of their host’s unsatisfactory services.

Some of the specific advantages of using a hosted E-commerce solution such as Shopify include :

  • Integration of the Content Delivery Network that hosts site files around the world, enhancing the speed of loading the site.
  • Automated hosting environment updates and management are provided as standard – these are essential to safe and long-term operation of your site.
  • SSL that encrypts traffic and tells customers that they are safe to purchase.

Ease of Store Maintenance

We must all agree that it is not a child’s play to maintain an eCommerce website. There are many intensive activities, such as updating your inventory, looking at the order status, fulfillment, etc. What if you’re stuck with a tough platform that complicates website management among all these tasks.

So Shopify comes with intuitive user options that make your e-shop easy to manage. With Shopify, you can easily adjust the options of your shop. The platform is specifically designed for the convenience of the shop owners and thus ensures that with a few keystrokes the shop owners can manage everything.

Easier to customize

It’s natural that from time to time you may want to adjust your eCommerce website’s behavior and look. But at the same time, no shop owner can afford to take this customization plenty of time.

Shopify allows you to request all the customization. Because that happens to be one of the website building platform’s basic requirements.

By using options, you can do this with Shopify. The editor is all intuitive and you can customize your eCommerce website look just a few clicks away.

Third Party Integrations and Extensions

Extensions provide an easy way to improve an online store’s functionality. Developed by the authors of the underlying e-commerce engine, but most frequently by third parties, these little code patches can potentially enhance the entire user experience and add features that the original team had no time or intention to implement. 

Shopify offers more complex support extensions and the kind of functionality that adds complete workflows to the store, not just small decorative elements or a few fields to the checkout form. Note that a huge fraction of extensions is available for free to use.


SEO Friendly

For store owners who are considering moving to a different E-commerce platform, this is a very important consideration.

Shopify creates clean code that is 100% crawlable. They allow custom title tags and meta descriptions – in addition to other essential items such as Search Console, sitemaps, and duplicate content.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one platform that will do good marketing, Shopify is a great choice.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile-friendly, responsive design is nothing new. Since about 2012, it’s been industry standard–and today, if you run an E-commerce store that isn’t optimized for mobile users, you probably miss a lot of sales.

It is important, however, not to think of responsive design as a ticked box. You don’t just want a mobile user-accessible e-commerce store; you want a mobile user-optimized store, and that’s a very different thing. The themes of Shopify are all very good and the mobile optimization is excellent in general.

End Note

If you already have a running store or starting a new online business, switching to Shopify is a good choice. Shopify is undoubtedly one of the market’s best platforms for eCommerce site building. You may be skeptical about whether this is the right option with a small investment amount at hand. But you also need to know that you can make more money after a few months than you ever imagined.

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