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How Important Is the Frequency Of Blogs Updates For SEO Ranking?

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Most people think that blogs play a crucial role in SEO ranking if they are updated frequently. Have you ever noted how much does frequency play into page ranks for blogs and other dynamic websites? Don’t you think content is more important than simple blog posts per day or week?

Which Is More Important – Content or The Frequency Of Posts?

The answer is ‘yes’ content is more important than the frequency at which it is posted. Let’s see how. 

If you are thinking about people online, then the frequency of posts may be the right thing for you. If you show up on the blogs and thinking of updating them every day then maybe you show up every single day, or maybe you show up once in a week. People may note that more often you post, the more you have fresh content to the degree where sometimes some mega blogs will have the same new post as every few hours. 

Every time you show up the day, your users will have something new to read, which is a fantastic idea for users. It’s true that users like to see something different and not the same standard of content. However, when you are thinking about the search engine, it is much more important to think about the quality of the content than the frequency of blog posts. 

For example, if you don’t post your blogs post every day or every week, but you try to make each blog posts to have something useful about it or some information that going to help people, then it will be of great help in SEO ranking. 

Importance Of Research And Insight

If you give more time to research creating a valuable blog post, then research will help in developing an outlook about the psychology of your potential customers. You will come to know what your intended audience is searching for and how can you reach them through your compelling content. 

Those original pieces of content attract a lot more attention than those follow on blog posts that are common and talking about the same products or services, without containing any new information or different insight.      

It is essential to take a little bit time to think about some insight, to study the different angle of your user’s perspective. It will help in adding some value and perspective that people have not noticed on a particular story so far. If you add valuable, engaging content while doing SEO on your blog and website, it’s going to be a lot more useful. It will attract more links and will perform much better in search engine. 

Power Of A Quality Content In SEO Marketing

It’s better not to pay attention to a strict frequency of blog posting. Let’s try to get a lot of users, and you care how people are going to come back to your website as far as you are trying to attract visitors. It is not enough to drive maximum traffic to your site. 

When it comes to the ranking of your page in the search engine, the quality of content plays a significant role than the frequency of posting. It builds a connection with your online visitor and compels them to convert into your customer.

The market is full of the same types of products and services you are offering. You need to be different to stand your business ahead of the crowd. Marketing is the essential tools to grow your business online. 

You cannot think of escaping content marketing as you already know content is the power; content is the king. Engaging and compelling content is the power behind all successful brands in the market. It’s the core of a successful marketing strategy online that connects your prospects and gives identity to your business.


Benefits Of A Powerful Content

A valuable and engaging blog content acts as a powerhouse that makes your visitor consider your products and services, which in turn generates leads and increases sales. It is of great help to your small, medium, as well as large-sized businesses.    

  • It builds trust with your customer by establishing a positive brand reputation.
  • It influences conversion rate.
  • Content optimisation improves SEO marketing efforts, which increases online brand visibility.
  • It showcases your brand’s expertise and educates your reader to make a valuable purchasing decision.
  • It is a cost-effective way to generate quality leads.
  • It’s an effective way of building a trustworthy relationship with your users. 
  • It makes you different from your competitors.
  • It acts as an essential tool in different stages of your marketing funnel and sales.
  • Quality content is a powerhouse that provides support to all aspects of your digital marketing strategy.

Final Thought

Original and authentic content has the potential to satisfy your prospects who are searching for something different in this highly competitive market. It gives you an identity and grows a trustworthy relationship with your users, followers, and customers. It helps in ranking you higher on Google search result.

The compelling content in the form of blogs or any other formats capture the attention of your prospects, improve their engagement, and helps in building a trustworthy relationship with you.

Whether you are starting a new business, or you have been using SEO marketing approach for a while, it’s essential to update your marketing plan regularly to make it up-to-date, innovative, and engaging for your prospects. 

It is always a smart decision on your part to take an expert’s help from your local SEO marketing partner in Australia. Adaptify SEO marketing will provide you with a better understanding of the numerous benefits of SEO at different stages of sales funnels. 

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