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Key Stats That Point to the Future of Marketing

future of the marketing

Marketing can get tricky. If you are someone with a marketing background, you might know how competitive marketing has become in recent years. The advancement of new technologies drives the change in the trend of the marketing scenario, and these trends need to be followed by marketers all across the globe to keep the business on par with the rest of the competitors.

This content of marketing all lies on the melange of futuristic approach, intuition, creativity, and a keen eye to see what lies inside a decision. All the things, when combined strategically, would bring about the desired result that can positively affect the sales of the business. Be it opting for traditional methods or looking for new technologies, marketers need to keep a good eye on development.

Marketing is the pioneer for any business; this calls for special attention towards the same, and this is provided by digital marketing services in India. So, are you looking for a future in marketing? Here are few tips to reach the pinnacle of marketing and take a grip on marketing.

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Key Stats that Point to the Future of Marketing

1. Reach to All Generations; Millennials Won’t Comprise the Entire Workforce.

Marketing journals, videos, publications, and many other marketing-related books have constantly emphasized the idea that millennials or the generations will become a significant part of the industry in the upcoming future. Many marketers accept this part, and this has influenced the marketers to drive their campaigns in such a manner that the geneZ is targeted.

Marketers need to understand that millennials are just 50% of the market, and they need to focus on attracting every generation. Approaching every generation calls for personalization, and this allows for a dedicated customer base.

2. CPG Market Will Boost a Million New Customers in the Market.

Consumer packaged goods or CPG make a huge industry in the marketing business. Almost 68% of the market runs of CPG, and this has especially attracted investors worldwide. This content of ever-growing CPG has drawn even the high-end industries, and there are no signs of stopping the sector.

Marketers thus accept the CPG market in different locations, and hiring locals will help the marketer to bridge the gap between local translations. They must ensure that the market is kept open and communication flows through the entire system to make the process a lot easier for all generations.

The communication should be kept open by the entire team of the industry, from the marketing and sales department to the research department. Each part should collaborate to make connections that can help diversify the industry. CPG alone brings over $58.69 billion in the industry, and this number is traced by digital marketing services in India in a single year.

3. The Digital Customer and Marketing Range Will Rise to a Significant Level.

The world is getting digitized, and how can industry not adapt and use the benefits of the trend associated with digitization. The ubiquity of the internet has given every individual an opportunity to look forward to and accept a change in their lives; the change of ordering online.

No wonder the rise of digital customers is rising by 2% every alternate day. This is a huge margin, and the benefits that tag along are innumerable. For marketers, this has proven to be a good advancement, and they will spend more time and money on making choices depending on the user.

Marketers have understood the importance, and they have been looking for constant updates. This way of seeking guidance through an online platform has motivated more and more sellers to be public-oriented rather than just focusing on the sales. Public reviews matter is present in a survey that concludes 79% of businesses look for reviews to launch a new product in the market.


4. Mobile Will Have a Significant Role in Digital Marketing in Near Future.

Another thing that has made its presence known to the world in a significant amount is mobile phones. More customers are driven towards using phones as the medium of communication among various services. The reasons behind the widespread acknowledgment of the technology is high-end search with speech and message recognition, additional tools for delivery, the comfort of use, shop from anywhere, and so much more. Each factor has contributed to the growth of the industry in a myriad of ways.

Marketing needs to take a lead, and this is made possible in the following ways.

●  Optimize the search, look for everything that has an analysis relation with mobile consumption. Also, look for natural language searches in mobiles to make a more comprehensive approach.

●  Personalize the experience and customize each part of the message.

●  Create a seamless user experience that allows the consumers to have better knowledge of the way things work.

●  Use in-store messages or chatbots to make the process easier. Create a seamless experience with user accessibility as the priority.

5. New Technology Will Generate Billions of Revenue in Upcoming Years.

Technology is the pillar of future marketing. Be it the current scenario or the topic of the future, every situation calls for a technological intermediate, and this gives businesses a chance to evolve in the competitive world. One such technology that has seen massive hype in the market of consumers is virtual reality. It is predicted that by 2025 the industry will alone make $50 billion in the consumer market.

Every industry has seen a massive spike in sales with the incorporation of virtual reality. More consumers are inclined towards buying products from a store that offers virtual reality as they product display preference. This race of technology should be kept in mind by the content creators, and they must video or images that give a sense of virtual reality to make the user experience better.

6. In Developed and Developing Countries, Artificial Intelligence Will Contribute Double the Growth.

Artificial Intelligence is all about smart work and this technology can bring a lot of good things on your plate. Artificial intelligence works with data in a huge amount and allows the software or the machine to iterate over thousands of lines of data with relative ease. This relative ease of use of the data allows the marketers to use the technology to its benefit.

According to many experts, AI will bring double the progress in the economic world, and when the work of the machine is combined with the personalization of a human then the results generated are going to be four fold great. 

7. Geolocation Growth Will Exceed Billion Dollars by 2025.

Geolocation is like a live promotion strategy for any business. All you need to do is add content to your page and drive the traffic specific to a particular location. A geo-location-specific content allows the consumers to make decisions in a quick and precise manner. This feature also allows the consumer to see the location of the store just like maps. 

Starting to market in the competitive world can be quite tricky. All you need here is a keen eye on future updates and the ability to take risks. Follow the trends mentioned in this content will definitely help you in leveraging the marketing strategy and bringing a good traffic flow. 

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