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Qwery WordPress Theme is an Ultimate Solution for Any Type of Website

Qwery - Multi-Purpose Business WordPress Theme + RTL

Tired of looking for a new WordPress theme for your website? Enough wasting time! From now on, Qwery could become the number one solution for you. Business, portfolio, agency, or eCommerce site, Qwery can work for any type of website you want.

Take your design idea from flat to fabulous on a jiff. That’s how.


To begin, Qwery offers you to choose the design that matches your project. Soon after the installation, enjoy a collection of premade skins and demos. 

Whether it’s business, beauty, hotel, spa, sports, barbershop, church, music, lawyer, architect, medical, roofing, or flooring demo, the choice is huge. 

Not enough? Then expect to meet a new demo each month. Again, you can benefit from one new demo each month after purchase. Better yet, jam-packed with a unique set of features, each demo is focused on a specific niche.

Want to build a dentist’s website? Easily! The booking functionality would be perfect for that task.

Wish your jewelry store stands out from the competitors? The WooCommerce integration is here to help.

Dream to grow your roofing business online? Outstanding portfolio layouts would come to the rescue. You’ve got the idea, right?

Qwery WordPress Theme: Key Features to Consider

While the decision to invest in Qwery can be a tricky one, a closer look at its key features can help you decide.  

#1 Design

Odds are, you’ve done a great job at searching multipurpose WordPress themes. Better yet, you’re likely to have a lot of ideas and requirements for a theme you are looking for. The good news is Qwery is a multipurpose WordPress theme that just as good as other popular options like Avada, OceanWP, or Astra.

To begin, Qwery lets you keep your website design new and fresh. All in all, built in line with the latest web design standards of 2021, Qwery ensures the best user experience.

Second, Qwery is a modern WP template that is powerful in terms of functionalities and flexible in terms of customization possibilities.

Let’s say you want to use the classic WordPress customizer. Here you are:

What about Elementor page builder? Easily!

And if you’d like to use the theme’s setup wizard? A piece of cake!

Thus, it’s not only skins and demos you can poke around with. Qwery offers you to go with full customization of the smallest details. 

#2 Elementor

As mentioned above, Qwery is compatible with the Elementor page builder for free. For you, that means the possibility to benefit from one of the most recommended WordPress page editors as of today.

Aside from that, Elementor supports live designing. For sure, that is a great help for users of any skill level. To see the results right away, you will no longer have to switch from editing to preview mode.

Bundled in Qwery, Elementor becomes a real site builder that doesn’t limit you to editing. As such, customize everything that you want –— from your website’s heading, text, fonts, sidebars, and more.

#3 Elements and Visual Effects

When it comes to pre-made ready-to-use elements, Qwery has a lot to offer. Go to the ‘Elements’ menu and enjoy its extensive set.

Wish to add any specific element to your page? There are a lot of those: buttons, counter, progress bar, slider, or testimonial, poke around. Qwery lets you take advantage of numerous options for each element.

By way of example, let’s check a set of ready-to-use buttons. Choose the style, size, color, and visual effects that will match your requirements best.

The same story with progress bars:

Let’s move ahead to the Blog, Portfolio, and WooCommerce shop sections. Take the time to enjoy the variety of elements for your future blog:

Here is the elements’ choice for Portfolio:

And finally, the shop possibilities:

Once you pick the demo you like, check all possible layouts, designs, and visual effects bundled in Qwery. Before you choose, think about your project needs. Then only you can make the right pick.

#4 Advanced Booking

If you’re a business that relies on taking appointments from people, then the online booking is a must. Just think of the convenience you could offer to your customers by letting them book anything at any time of the day.

The good news I that Qwery gives you the choice of two powerful booking plugins. Thus, you can use the Booked Appointments (Booking Calendar) or the LatePoint Booking plugins.

Booked Appointments

Booked Appointments lets you stay open or business 24/7, no matter your hours of operation. Thus, you can create a calendar for your customers to choose what service they want, pick a time and date as per their preference.

The schedules appointment appears on your backend calendar:

From this moment, you can approve, disapprove or edit the scheduled appointment. 

LatePoint Booking

A new, smooth front-end booking interface makes LatePoint Booking stand out from the rest. It is not only easy to use, but it also makes it very easy to preview uptime, hours worked, appointments reserved, and much more. It is an extremely expandable plugin. Add as many types of services as you want, let your customers’ book time slots, and pay online. Customize everything as per your needs with no page reloads. A user-friendly pop-up will make you happy with the results.

LatePoint Booking comes with both frontend (for customers) and backend interfaces (for admin):

The coolest thing about both booking plugins is that they include addons for online payments. So, to show off how serious a customer is about the appointment, let him pay for it right away. 

#5 Events Management

Have an upcoming business gathering or need to promote an event? Qwery will help you with that. All you need is the events management functionality that comes jam-packed. Create and customize events as per your needs and strengthen your website SEO.

Even better, you can create an Events Calendar:

In case you need it, it’s possible to create a list view mode to show your previous and future events. 

Event promotion is not an easy task. Yet, with the events management, it could be done professionally. Thus, if you want to make a great first impression, you’ll have a handy tool to manage your events.

#6 Online Store

Finally, compatibility with the WooCommerce plugin, makes Qwery a perfect choice for eCommerce websites of all kinds. Take a look at a clean example of how your online store could look like:

Or, for example, here’s a modern layout that fits great a barbershop store:

Now, get inspired by a jewelry site:

A single product page is also built in a clean and eye-catching manner:

As you can see, opportunities for an online store design are huge. Crafted for a specific niche, each design focuses on what matters. Thus, even if you don’t sell anything today, Qwery will save you a ton of time in the future. 

#7 Mouse Helper

When it comes to the hook that lets your website stand out, things are no all that easy. Yet, Qwery offers you to go the other way. Pay attention to the mouse helper. Open any demo you like and take a closer look at your mouse cursor. Now, move it all along the page. Have you noticed a change? 

The dot, slider, or scroll object, the mouse helper can turn into any of these featured images. Try this interactive link functionality and see the result. This feature is a part of the ThemeREX Addons plugin jam-packed in Qwery. 

Poke around this amazing mouse helper’s settings. Intuitive and easy to use, it could be a pretty bonus. Want to set a specific image for different instances or reaction speed? Have fun! Or change nothing at all. You can even disable it.

Now, What Are the Benefits of Qwery For You?

The following are the key features to consider when investing in Qwery.

  1. Main theme files
  2. Child theme files.
  3. A package of premium plugins you can use for free.
  4. ThemeREX Addons plugin (built-in specifically to help you customize your site).
  5. Detailed documentation.
  6. A set of 30+ amazing demos.
  7. A kit of 1000+ ready -to-use elements and visual effects.
  8. Every new skin and demo added to the theme in the future.
  9. Lifetime updates to keep your theme and plugins fresh.
  10. Professional customer support for 6 months, can be prolonged if needed.

Now, don’t you think that Qwery is worth of $59 investment?

Final Thoughts

To sum things up, let’s underline that Qwery is a well-designed WordPress theme built with Elementor. It comes with a pack of advanced features and ready-to-use demos to save you a ton of time right from the start.

Worry not about missing phone calls or messages. Since Qwery includes the online booking functionality, your business works 24/7. WooCommerce support is also a benefit for any business. Even if you don’t sell things yet, you’ll want to get started. 

Forget about coding skills and create stunning portfolio pages like a pro. Save time while managing your events to do other important things. Responsive and modern, Qwery comes with everything you might need to build a modern website on your own. No matter your niche, we are sure Qwery could be the one-stop solution for your website. Still in doubt? Then it’s time to give it a shot.

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