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Five Features You Should Look for in a No-code App Maker

No-code App Maker

Choosing an app maker is often a challenge. There are many platforms that offer codeless development solutions. Here are five features you should look for in a no-code app making solution. 

Launching a mobile app has always been an aspiration for businesses. The challenges of custom app development however pour cold water over this ambition. 

The arrival of codeless app makers has changed things in this regard. Businesses and entrepreneurs have more effective and viable solutions when it comes to app development. 

It is much easier to create a mobile app with a free app maker like AppMySite instead of choosing custom code-based development. The following video guide shows the simplicity of building a mobile app using a simple WordPress website:

App makers are not a rare commodity anymore. There are a number of codeless app development solutions you can choose to develop an app. 

An abundance of choice also leads to doubt. It is important to choose the best app maker to create an app for your business. 

The best way to judge an app maker, or any tool for that matter, is studying the features on offer. This article covers five essential features you should look for in a no-code app maker. 

#1: Simple app management

Simple app management

Managing a mobile app is not the first thing businesses generally think of before developing and launching their apps. However, this part of the puzzle is crucial for the long-term success of an app. 

You cannot really launch a static app. There is a constant need to update the experience you deliver to your app users.

This doesn’t just mean fixing bugs and adding features. You need to bring new content to your app that constantly gives users a reason to visit your app. 

Updating your app with new content is a huge management job. 

You should thus choose an app maker that makes it easy for you to manage your app. 

AppMySite is a good example of such an app maker. The platform basically enables you to connect your WordPress website and app. This means all your website data, content, categories, menus, and pages are ported to your app. The app then reflects the website content in a native app environment. 

Additionally, any change you make to your website is reflected back to the app. 

Such a connection can make it very easy for you to manage your app. You only really need to manage your website well to ensure your app works seamlessly as well. 

#2: Seamless app design

Seamless app design

App makers make development easy. The next big task on the checklist is app design. 

App design constitutes the user interface and user experience you deliver in a mobile app. Since users these days are used to high performance mobile apps, offering a unique and valuable experience is challenging. 

App businesses often struggle to keep up their app design with the demands of app users. 

Choosing an app maker that makes app design simple is thus very desirable. You can simply one major part of your app journey by doing so. 

AppMySite makes app design a very simple process. When it comes to optimizing the UI, AppMySite allows you to design your own elements through simple appearance options. You can alternatively upload your own artwork for various app assets as well. 

Optimizing user experience is simply a matter of optimizing your app speed. AppMySite already comes with a highly optimized user interface that makes navigation and discovery simple. You can streamline user experience by making sure your website speed and response times are optimal. 

A fast app is often the best UX metric you can work on. 

#3: Push notification functionality

Push notification functionality

It is crucial for mobile apps these days to establish regular contact with users. Apps that fail to gather engagement rarely succeed in the long run. 

Even highly functional apps, like banking apps, try to engage with app users on a regular basis. Regular engagement often leads to more frequent actions that help the app grow. 

Push notifications are a direct medium to connect with app users. It is difficult to imagine mobile apps these days without the ability to send push notifications. 

On AppMySite, you can send an unlimited number of push notifications to your app users. You can schedule the notifications based on your preference and customize the title & message you are sending. 

Getting this functionality with an app maker can really help businesses launch powerful apps that can drive serious engagement. 

#4: Intuitive app preview and testing

Intuitive app preview and testing

App testing is a fairly complex process. Companies often have to build a separate team to test their apps for bugs and faults regularly. 

App makers generally do not contain bugs and errors that cripple the entire app. However, it is vital for users to preview their app to test the overall design and working. 

The presence of smart preview options is thus a necessary feature. 

AppMySite enables you to preview your app in smart Android and iOS emulators. These emulators can help you get a good idea of how your app looks and works. 

Additionally, you can also preview your app on a real smartphone device. AppMySite has a free demo app on the Google Play Store that enables users to preview their app in real-time. 

#5: User collaboration

#5: User collaboration

Having more eyes involved during app development can often enhance the quality of your app. Most prominent businesses don’t pin their entire app in the hands of a single developer. There is instead an emphasis on building teams tasked with working on an app. 

The app maker you choose should have invite options that allow you to bring your team members and colleagues onboard. 

Team collaboration is vital for the development of a premium app. It is impossible for a lone developer to build an app that stands tall on all fronts. 

AppMySite comes loaded with the user management feature. This feature basically enables you to invite your colleagues and team members to work on your app project. You can assign each user you invite a specific role in order to limit their access to different app modules. 

In conclusion

A decision on app makers should be made based on the features on offer. 

This piece discusses five key features you should look for in a mobile app builder. Besides these features, you should also look at the product roadmap of the app maker you plan to use. App makers are still relatively new, and a product roadmap can help you see where the platform is headed. 

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