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How to Migrate Bigcommerce to Woocommerce

How to Migrate Bigcommerce to Woocommerce

BigCommerce is a web-based business web designer. 

A web-based business web designer is a program that encourages you to make your online store. Not just that, it likewise gives you uphold on the most proficient method to deal with your website, help your deals, and be effective on the web

Consider it like putting a bunch of racks up. BigCommerce furnishes you with all the devices you require, in addition to a practical guidance manual. 

WooCommerce is extraordinary. It’s intended for WordPress sites as a module. It implies it’s an extra that you coordinate into your ordinary webpage to change it into an online store. 

WooCommerce worked via Automattic – the web advancement organization that likewise established WordPress. 

In case you’re a sprouting business that needs an online store, BigCommerce is a savvy decision. It has vast loads of inherent highlights and an entire host of instruments to help you scale. Indeed, BigCommerce says they assist their traders with developing 28% year-on-year. 

WooCommerce is best for individuals who need to fabricate their store utilizing WordPress. It’s adaptable and incorporates consistently. It’s ideal for enormous stores anticipating vast traffic loads and works best when combined with an incredible web have like Bluehost. Simply remember, it’ll take more time to set up than BigCommerce.

BigCommerce is a facilitated stage, which is home to 49,795 online stores. It is supported by numerous enormous brands like Toyota, Kodak, and Ben and Jerry’s, on account of some predominant credits like convenience, definite implicit highlights, backing, and security. 

Nonetheless, contrasted with WooCommerce, BigCommerce is undeniably less well known regarding the number of clients. WooCommerce is presently the most favorable stage in the worldwide eCommerce industry, with around 2,123,679 million eCommerce stores worldwide, for the following reasons:

  • Price point: Running a store on WooCommerce is significantly cheaper than BigCommerce. On BigCommerce, you need to pay a more expensive monthly plan as your business grows, compared to the approximately $93/year you pay on WooCommerce.
  • Unlimited Customization: WooCommerce offers a wide range of themes and complete customization compared to BigCommerce, where only 12 free themes are presented. 
  • More excellent plug-in choice: WooCommerce offers plug-ins that cater to various categories, from store management to shipping and payment. 

Now that we have done away with all the necessary information that would wave away all your doubts, here is the complete guide on how to migrate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce, explained in a hassle-free and straightforward process:


  1. Back up your information 

Protecting your information is critical when you move your store from BigCommerce to WooCommerce physically because this control cycle can undoubtedly lose or misshape your information. 

Consequently, your data can be changed and organized improperly in your new store. 

In any case, it is an alternate story when you utilize the mechanized movement instrument given by the site as it doesn’t intercept your information using any means. 

  • Items and their images  
  1. Go to Products → choose Export. From that point forward, select the Bulk Edit layout; at that point, click Continue. 
  1. A spring-up window of activity affirmation and guidance will show up—Snap Export my items to a CSV record. 
  1. At that point, a status bar showing the interaction will turn up on the screen. When it completes, select the Download my Products document to save the record to your PC. 
  1. Interface with your store utilizing WebDAV. Download the product_images envelope by relocating it to your work area. 
  • Clients 

All client information, except passwords, can be traded into CSV. Trading passwords would disregard the provisions of BigCommerce’s PCI Compliance. 

  1. Go to Customers. Pick Export. Select the Bulk Edit layout. At that point, click Continue. 
  1. Snap Export my clients to a CSV document. 
  1. Snap Download my Customers document to save the record to your PC. 
  • Orders 

Orders can’t be imported once again into BigCommerce even though they are traded for reinforcements and reports. 

  1. Go to Orders. Snap Export. Select the Default layout. At that point, click Continue. 
  1. Snap Export my orders to a CSV record. 
  1. Snap Download my Orders document to save the record to your PC. 

 Make another WooCommerce store.

In the wake of guaranteeing that your information is supported up, you need another WooCommerce store to plan for the movement. 

You need to set up a WordPress site right off the bat, which requires an area name and web facilitating. On the off chance that you are new to WooCommerce, if it’s not too much trouble, follow our short instructional exercise video to set up a WooCommerce store effectively: 

For the most part, the WordPress establishment incorporates these means: 

  • Make another data set. 
  • Download and transfer WordPress bundle 
  • Alter config-sample.php 
  • Run establishment content 
  • Add WooCommerce module 
  • Add items and arrange settings. 

Information Migration 

Stage 1. Enter cart’s  data 

  • Regardless, join or sign in to the site with your current Facebook or Google accounts. From that point onward, click the Create New Migration button on the upper right screen. 
  • At that point, pick BigCommerce as Source Cart Type in the drop-down rundown. Fill in some fundamental data, specifically your store URL, API way, Token, and ID/Username. 
  • Then, select WooCommerce as the Target Cart. You additionally need to fill in the URL, username, and secret key—it capacities as an entrance entryway that assists with associating your shopping baskets. 
  • You should simply download the connector, separate the compressed document, and transfer it into the root organizer. 

Stage 2. Select content

  • In the design step, you need to choose the content you need to relocate from BigCommerce to WooCommerce. 
  • However, you can just hit the catch “Select All” or pick explicit classes, for instance, items, clients, or orders.
  • Plus, sites give Additional Options which offer essential progressed highlights. For example, SEO URLs Migration permits you to keep up the SEO rankings of your old site. 

Stage 3. Perform relocation 

  • Before performing complete relocation, you can test our Free Demo movement to get comfortable and envision your relocation cycle. 
  • Regardless, it might require a couple of moments. 
  • Or the consequences will be severe, avoid this progression and play out your entire movement. The screen will show the BigCommerce to WooCommerce relocation measure for you to follow along.
  • Nonetheless, don’t stress over sitting tight for its consummation. You will get an email that advises you of the relocation consummation. 

Stage 4. Check result after the relocation. 

  • Presently, it is significant to check the relocation result. 
  • You need to type your new store’s URL or follow the affirmation connect in the email and access your shop site.
  • From that point onward, sign in to your WordPress administrator dashboard and proceed ahead to the WooCommerce tab to check your information in the back-office. 
  • At that point, you need to initiate the Generate Thumbnail to show the pictures on the frontend of your online store as follow: 
  • Go to “WooCommerce” → Select “Status” → “Apparatuses,” → “Recover” 
  • Then, select “Item query tables” → click “Recover.” 

Post-relocation tasks 

From that point onward, to prepare your store for activity, we suggest you make some post-movement strides recorded beneath: 

  • Put in new themes
  • Add new augmentation 
  • Late information relocation 
  • Change DNS and switch area. 


There are several free and paid methods to migrate to WordPress/Woocommerce. 

One of them is through ThemeRex. Irrespective of what CMS you are using right now, they can convert to Woocommerce effortlessly.

Their offer includes a variety of things ranging from uploading and exporting products and many more. 

Do check out their site for more information.

All in all, the WooCommerce stage outperforms the BigCommerce stage in 3 significant viewpoints, including running expense, topics and customization, and applications and modules. Every one of these things makes shippers will, in general, move their store from BigCommerce to WooCommerce because they can maintain the business with a more strong stage at a lower cost. 

In this manner, to satisfy the need of traders in information movement, specialists and designers have consistently explored and developed the mechanized relocation apparatus, which permits storekeepers to move information flawlessly, safely, and precisely with only a couple of straightforward advances. 

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