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5 Tips to Reap Wildly Profitable Sales and Conversions for Your WordPress Site


Getting loads of sales and conversions for your WordPress site is tremendously hard work and never an overnight phenomenon. 

You need to put in tons of effort and give it time until you see your desired results. You also have to accurately understand your customers, analyze your performance, and experiment with your campaigns.

It might also require working with an award winning digital marketing agency to guarantee a level of returns and succeed. 

Fortunately, you can shorten the time it takes to attain your sales and conversion goals with suitable strategies and solutions.

Here are five tips for you to do just that:

1. Create content that aligns with your customers’ searches.

Create content that gives tangible value and answers to what your customers are looking for. Address their pain points and introduce your products as solutions. Doing so convinces them to take your sales offers and consume more material from you. 

Perform keyword research to know what your customers are looking for concerning your business. For example, if you sell umbrellas, enter that on keyword research tools.

The keywords appearing in the tool’s results can hint at your customers’ intentions and content topics to target. 

If you see “umbrellas that cost less than $20,” you’ll know that they’re looking to buy cheap umbrellas.

If you happen to sell one, you can write a blog post titled “Affordable Rainy Weather Essentials.” You can showcase your umbrella as one of those items and insert a keyword, “umbrellas under $20.”

Once you publish your page and shoppers enter similar keywords, the search engine can find your content relevant and include it in the results. Customers can then see your page, click on it, read your post, and decide to buy your product. 

Implementing this keyword and SEO strategy is profitable. However, don’t abuse it by merely using keywords to draw customers to your site and providing no relevant resources. That’s one of the most disastrous conversion-killing mistakes you can make to your website performance.

Shoppers leave instantly upon discovering your site doesn’t have what they’re looking for (despite seeing your page in the results). 

As a result, your bounce rate increases, hurting your online visibility, SEO performance, and sales and conversion opportunities.

sales team

2. Install chatbots.

Chatbots can do a lot in increasing your sales and conversions. For one, they can recognize whether customers arrived for the first time or not and proactively interact with them accordingly. 

Depending on the chatbots’ programming, they can initiate the sales dialogues immediately or a few minutes after visitors arrive. 

Chatbots can spur effective sales interactions, telling people they can assist anytime, introduce your new products, etc. 

They can personalize recommendations and take off from previous conversations with specific visitors, making the engagement more meaningful.

Chatbots can even communicate with customers 24/7 and engage people from other time zones and locations in different languages.

All these capabilities boost your sales and conversion opportunities, making AI chatbots ideal for customer service, lead generation, and promotional strategies.

3. Create seamless shopping experiences.

The quality of your website’s user experience can make or break your profits and conversions. 

If it’s memorable, customers will come back for more purchases and interactions. If it’s lousy, they’ll never return or recommend your store to their friends, killing your sales chances.

Do these to create a seamless shopping experience:

  • Simplify your navigation. Organize your menus and categorize your items logically. Also, insert a search button to make it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. 
  • Streamline your checkout. Implement as few steps as possible, and avoid requiring guests to create accounts before buying from you. Present the cart items and summary of cost in a way that isn’t disruptive to people’s shopping activities.
  • Use minimalist or clean-looking themes and layouts, and surround your CTA buttons and other significant elements with negative space. Doing so emphasizes the CTAs and makes your site easy on the eyes, not overwhelming. This tip also helps people focus on profitable elements and quickly find what they want to check.
  • Harmonize your online and offline buying experiences if you’re managing a brick-and-mortar store as well. Enable seamless buy-online-pick-up-in-store (BOPIS) schemes, curbside pickups, etc., as applicable. If you manage several online shops, use the best multi-channel ecommerce platforms to customize each store’s design, among other functions.
sales team engagement

4. Time and design your pop-up offers appropriately.

Pop-ups are powerful marketing strategies for introducing sales offers, inviting people to join your mailing list, and others. 

However, they can be distracting and annoying if implemented poorly, ruining your buyer’s experience. To urge customers to say “yes” to your pop-up offers, follow these simple tips:

  • Showcase pop-ups with immense value and relevance to the page content where they will appear
  • Time the pop-ups appearance correctly so they are undisruptive to your visitors’ browsing experience
  • Design your pop-ups appropriately yet attractively. Pick the right colors for your CTA buttons and align the hues with your branding.

Let’s say you plan to hold a virtual summit and wish to invite targeted audiences. 

To learn how to design your pop-up announcement, know first the difference between a summit and a conference (or other events).

Since a summit gathers organizational leaders for problem-resolving issues, your pop-up should have more formal designs and messages. 

Study also your target audience’s website behavior to pick the best time to present your pop-up — perhaps when they get to the middle of a related blog post, etc.

In this way, you can attract the summit attendees more effectively and get better conversion chances.

5. Make your online store accessible.

Website accessibility allows you to make your online store usable to people with disabilities (PWDs). Through it, they can avail of your online services, consume your content, explore your sales offers, and more.

On your store’s end, you can widen your customer reach and boost your online visibility and sales opportunities.

To achieve site accessibility, you can use accessible WordPress themes matching your niche. For instance, if you’re a winery, install a wine store and vineyard WordPress theme with ARIA-ready labels.

You can also install accessibility overlays empowering PWD visitors to customize your site according to their needs.

Users can change the color contrast, scale the content, activate keyboard navigation and blind reader compatibility, etc. The overlay then automatically applies these requested adjustments. 

What’s more, the overlay saves the modifications as browser cookies, so they won’t change your website structure. The tool only applies changes to your site’s appearance and specific visitors’ screens.

Drive more sales and conversions for your WordPress site today.

Explore these and other tips and tools to skyrocket your WordPress site’s sales and conversions. See how you can integrate them into your website design, workflows, and budget, and gradually make the necessary adjustments. 

Also, give your desired results enough time to manifest, and persevere through the initial phases. Your efforts will eventually yield much fruit.

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