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5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Traffic to Your WordPress Website

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If you’re not leveraging social media to drive traffic to your WordPress website, you’re missing out on tons of conversions and sales opportunities. 

Sure, you could get tons of social likes, comments, and shares from your followers, but these alone are not enough to reap profitable sales and conversions for your WordPress site.  

You need strategic tactics and reliable tools to get your social media users hooked. That’s when you can reel them in by leading them to your WordPress website to subscribe to your services and newsletters or complete a purchase.  

While all this can be easier said than done, we can make things a bit easier for you with these five social media marketing tips to boost your WordPress website traffic.  

1. Auto publish content across social media platforms

Get your followers to visit your WordPress website and increase your conversion opportunities by publishing your site’s content across your social media marketing channels

It can help boost your blog posts, promotions, sales, and other content’s visibility while increasing your chances of turning your passive audiences into paying customers. 

However, publishing and sharing your website’s content on multiple social media platforms on top of managing your site and running marketing campaigns can suck up your time and energy. 

The solution? Auto-publish your content through advanced Social Media Marketing (SMM) platforms.

For example, Vista Social offers a sophisticated scheduler feature. It lets you plan, organize, and schedule your content to auto-publish across social media platforms easily.

Schedule your content to auto-publish in bulk with a few clicks. You can also use the Smart Publisher tool that can curate and post relevant content for you hassle-free. 

Vista Social’s other sophisticated SMM features include TikTok tools for marketing, IG content management, reviews management, centralized inbox, and reporting and analytics. 

Automate your content publishing to establish a seamless connection between your WordPress website and social channels.

It’s an efficient way to share engaging content easily, giving your social media audiences a good reason to visit your website and ultimately buy your products.  

2. Create shareable visual content 

When designed and used strategically, visual content can drive an insane amount of social media engagement and, in turn, lead traffic to your WordPress website.   

That is because visual content, such as photos and videos, ia easy to digest and capture the viewer’s eye. Plus, visually-appealing content is also highly shareable.  

Capture your audience’s attention and draw them to your site. Establish a content development approach that includes eye-catching visual content in your social media posts.

The more relevant and captivating your visual content is, the higher your chances of capturing your audience’s attention. It can encourage them to repost and share your content on social media platforms, increasing your reach and traffic. 

For instance, installing a Pinterest Pin It button to your website images allows users to add the visuals to their Pinterest walls with one click. 

Adding a Pinterest Pin It button on your website images is an excellent way to get your photos and other visual content shared on Pinterest and, in turn, draw traffic to your site. 

Streamline planning, creating, and publishing highly shareable content using reliable project task management software

3. Embed your social media feeds on your website

Create a social feed on your WordPress website using plugins such as Flow-Flow.

The plugin lets you display a mix of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds as a social media wall via responsive galleries and widgets on your WordPress website. 

You can also embed User-Generated Content (UGC) from multiple sources to encourage interactions with your brand and visits to your social feeds and website.  

Displaying your social feeds can be an excellent tactic to add social proof to your WordPress website while increasing your brand’s presence, traffic, conversions, and sales.  

Besides displaying your social feed, show the gathered reviews from robust customer feedback software across your website to add to your social proof. 

4. Include social sharing buttons

Adding highly visible social sharing buttons on your WordPress website can do wonders for how often your content gets shared and, in turn, increase your site’s traffic.  

Include social sharing buttons that let visitors share your content with their networks quickly with one click. 

The buttons can also encourage your visitors to share more of your content because of how easy and quick it is to repost your funny GIFs, compelling summer sale videos, or educational blog posts on the best computerized cash registers

It can help you reach more audiences, connect with your followers better, and even turn your one-time visitors into frequent shoppers, increasing your traffic and conversion opportunities.  

Use free WordPress plugins such as AddThis. It lets you add attractive social sharing buttons to each content piece on your site. 

The plugin offers quick-loading social share buttons and allows you to connect to more than 200 channels, including WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Messenger, and more. 

Adding social sharing buttons on your website makes it quick and easy for your visitors to spread your content across social media platforms and everywhere else online.     

5. Offer a social login option

Many WordPress website owners often overlook and excellent tactic: Adding a social login option to the site. 

It’s one way of streamlining the registration process for your visitors and shoppers by using their social media profiles in a few clicks instead of filling out a form. 

Social login options help encourage more people to sign up for accounts on your site and, in turn, boost your traffic.

You can also gather more information about your visitors when they grant access to their social profiles when they sign up. 

Use the visitor data to tailor your website and social media content to their needs, preferences, pain points, interests, and more. It can help you engage and connect with them better for higher conversions and sales.     

Generate traffic with reliable social media marketing tactics

The strategies in this guide are just the tip of the iceberg in leveraging social media tactics to get more people over to your website. 

The more traffic you generate from engaged social media audiences, the better your chances of converting more visitors into paying and loyal customers. 

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