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Top Five White Hat Link Building Strategies

Link Building Strategies

To some people, the end justifies the means. This means employing any link-building method to get results, including the black or gray hat techniques which don’t add value to the content or the reader. In fact, using these two methods will get you into trouble with Google algorithms, often getting you penalized. 

White hat link building with ValuedVoice is the complete opposite. Think of it as an  “honest” SEO link-building method that follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Why You Should Opt For the White Hat Link Building Technique Today

Google is constantly improving its content ranking algorithm and criteria. The advanced technology places a higher priority on top-notch quality content. You, therefore, don’t want to incorporate outdated link-building strategies that are no longer effective.

Top Five Strategies

Here are tried-and-proven white hat link-building tactics you can start using right now to bring traffic to your website.

Leverage on Guest Posting

Guest posting involves writing guest posts for other websites in exchange for links to your own. It is an incredible approach for establishing ties with other websites and portrays you as an authority in your industry. 

Sites, such as Medium, publish blog posts for free. However, you must ensure you create an excellent research-based piece with valuable information. This is critical because if you submit subpar content solely to get backlinks, Google will flag your site. Also, link high-authority websites with domain ratings in your content.

Remember, quality always wins out. Craft content shareable on social media. In addition, choose a decent website in your niche and submit an SEO-friendly post that readers will enjoy. Ensure you include a link to your web content to draw traffic. 

Commenting on Other Sites in the Industry

One of the simplest ways to get relevant backlinks is to leave comments on high-authority blogs. At the face value, commenting on a post and leaving a comment might appear as a black hat method. But it is actually a conditional white hat SEO link-building method. 

The preconditions are that you must post relevant and helpful comments and answers to the readers. Cutting shortcuts and cramming links will get you into loggerheads with the Google algorithm. In any case, you don’t want to go spamming other sites with links, do you? It doesn’t sound good. 

Here are a few reasons you should use blog comments to your advantage:

  • Helpful comments help develop relationships with other site owners and increase guest posting opportunities.
  • Valuable comments on high-quality industry postings boost your brand recognition.
  • Blog comments assist in developing a natural link profile.
Link Building Strategies

Offering Yourself as a Source

Another “thumbs up” way of getting links is offering yourself as a source to journals and news sites. This approach involves signing up for free services like Help a reporter out (HARO). You get a link when reporters use your quote or stat. 

Alternatively, a “whiter” method is to target high authority sites with extensions .org, .edu, and .gov. You can get a backlink from these sites by volunteering in their institutions and organizations. Remember, Google ranking criteria prioritize source authority and relevance. 

Listing on Online Directories

Listing your website in business and online directories is a great way of getting credible backlinks. A listing is usually accompanied by at least one backlink. It is an ideal approach for prospective customers to find your link, hence boosting your website’s exposure. 

Sites with high page authority and domain authority tend to be more helpful. Avoid listing on shady sites with poor scores. They are likely to get you into trouble with search engines. 

Final Thoughts

You must have figured out a few different techniques to accomplish white-hat link building for your website by now. The above methods can assist you in forming bonds with like-minded individuals and expanding your network within your niche or vertical.

If you’re ready to use any of the strategies mentioned above, give white hat link building with ValuedVoice a try.

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