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What Are 5 Features of a Salon Management Software?

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Using software to run a business has become as normal as wearing clothes. You believe that choice is not an option but rather a must.

The competitor analysis will demonstrate how they manage their business. It is entirely up to you whether you want to stick with their main strategies or switch to something more effective.

You can use the features listed below to help you decide which ones you need in your management software:

Online Appointment Booking


Manual booking is no longer popular due to its time-consuming nature. Your salon’s management team no longer has to make hundreds of detailed phone calls to schedule appointments.

The paperwork stacks have also been reduced to nearly nothing. Due to the heavy workload on a few landlines, manual booking can cause you to lose a lot of business.

If your company’s website is available online, customers can use the software’s updated scheduler to find the service and time that best fits their schedule.

With BookingPress Plugin, clients can directly book an appointment via the salon website at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The salon staff retains booking control because they will be the ones to accept or deny the appointment due to a major reason, which doesn’t happen very often.

You can quickly customize the client’s online booking forms to meet your needs. You have the option to alter them at any time. It gives you control over your business while also allowing your customers to choose the services they want. Both examples are win-win scenarios.

Online Form Facility

These forms can be customized for your salon’s management, members, and new customers. Your management staff will no longer have to cope with the daily paperwork thanks to this facility.

These forms are saved on customer profiles alongside the clients’ information when filled out. Personal information, emergency contact information, medical data, a log of every visit to the salon, a history of each service, and a fee are only some of the things that are kept. These forms are accessible from any device at any time and from any location.

It also frees up a lot of time for employees, which they may devote to more vital tasks. This tool allows clients who require assistance with a certain service or membership program to be guided conveniently and swiftly.

New customers are also provided with these forms to enter their information into our database. So that appointment calls and walk-in appointments take less time. Enrollment staff will have everything they need and will only need to confirm the time that the client expects.

Automation In Admin-Tasks

Admin tasks entail a wide range of responsibilities. Some of them are created specifically for clients, such as the service of reminding clients of their scheduled appointments. Telling them to drive carefully, wishing them a happy birthday on their birthday, giving them after-service care advice, and so on are examples of what you can say.

If you had the same concept but were planning on completing everything manually for each client, this can also be automated. You might accidentally send an appointment reminder to someone else. Or you might accidentally send a birthday greeting to someone else.

That’s where automation comes in; automate the tasks with software, and every new and existing customer will now receive all of the communications you require. Your business and campaign will not be trustworthy if there is a human error or a typo.

Inventory Check

Keep yourself informed about the items your salon receives and spends. The program is essential for attaining this goal most effectively yet discovered.

The inventory management component of the software allows you to view the history of the products you’ve had so you can quickly determine what things you need to order for stock and in what quantity.

This feature also aids you in keeping track of your supply. Using visuals also informs you about product sales and usage in the salon. This makes it simpler to comprehend, and you won’t have to sift through a long sales sheet to see the difference. Pie charts and bar charts can be used in any way you like in these colorful images.

Keeping track of stock management saves you time from carefully observing sales and then creating a separate sheet to present to the supplier. This salon software protects you from this. All you have to do is download and transmit the product list you need to order.

Staff Management

beauty salon management

The software can allow you to maintain a detailed eye on all of your salon’s employees. Hiring and managing employees was not as simple as it is now before the arrival of software.

Any customer care services company’s recruitment team was responsible for hiring employees. Either by their words or by taking a leap of faith.

The plan was to hire them and see if they would be a good fit for the salon. And by that time, they may have done something that results in a huge commercial loss, such as the loss of a potential client.

However, they now have an experienced and goal-oriented recruitment team that employs sophisticated information from this era to understand the applicant’s nature.


This is still insufficient because humans are easily duped, but now comes the fun part. Every detail is recorded and observed when they are hired and begin their shifts.

This way, the history of every call with a client, email with a client, comments communicated with other employees, check-ins and check-outs, attendance, and so on, is kept private until they are needed.

BookingPress Plugin includes all of the software capabilities you need to improve your business administration. This is the most efficient technique to get ahead of your competitors and manage and run a business in town.

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